Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part V
By Louis E. Ayers


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/14/1927.

The following letter was written by the late Major M.A. Ayers, of the 11th West Virginia Infantry, to his father, mother and brother.

Head Quarters 11th W. Va., Vols.
Chapins Farm, Va.
March 17, 1865.

My Dear Brother:

Your favor of the 9th inst. came to hand today, and I was truly glad to hear from you, and that you were all well.

I was well pleased with the paper you sent me, and will write you something else some of these days.  I am in tolerable good health at present, and getting along very well.  We have no war news from this army, everything yet remains very quiet.  Not even any picket firing for several days.  The news from other sections is good, Sheridan's last move is a crowder, and I still have good confidence of Shermans success.

We may have work to do here soon, but we can't tell.  One thing however is certain, everything is being prepared for active operations, all furloughs and leaves of absence have been almost entirely stopped, and everything is being put in good fighting trim.

Now since I received your letter we have been out on a guard review of the whole 24th Army Corps.  We were reviewed by General Grant.  It is the first time I ever saw him.  There was several ladies with him and Secretary Stanton and a host of other officials.  We received them with arms presented, and as they passed along gave three cheers for Grant and three for Stanton.  Grant is a fine looking man and I had the pleasure of having a good look at him.  He was very affable and polite, and I never saw such splendid marching as our men did.  It was magnificant.  I wish you could have seen it.  The day has been beautiful and the whole thing came off splendid.  Well I have nothing else to give of interest today.  You must write soon again.  Am glad you are doing so well with your book.

I will write soon again, so good bye, love to you all.

Ever your affectionate brother,

Moses, Vashti and A.B. Ayers