Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part IV
By Louis E. Ayers


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 3/24/1927 and 4/7/1927.

In our recent article describing the fight at Bulltown, between General W. L. Jackson's confederate force and the Federal garrison, we stated that Capt. Letzinger, was the Senior officer in command of the Federal troops and that he was wounded early in the action.  We find that Capt. Mattingly was the Federal Senior officer and lost a leg as a result of the wound received.  As heretofore stated the writer, relies solely on memory in writing these articles, hence the confusion of names in this instance.  Which we hasten to correct not wishing to detract anything from the record of Captain Mattingly.

Next week we will be able to furnish our readers with a complete roster of Company C, 11th W. Va. Volunteer Infantry.  In this organization were enlisted the greater number of Union soldiers from this section, a list of whom will be interesting to the descendants of these men.

We are indebted to Boyd B. Stutler of Charleston, West Virginia, for the following Roster of Company C, 11th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, which no doubt will be of interest to the descendants of the men who composed this Company, it having been recruited from the counties of Calhoun, Gilmer and Ritchie.

(Listing gives Names, Rank, Age, Other pertinent information.)

Clammer, Jacob, Captain, 26.  Promoted from 2nd to 1st Lieut. Feb. 8, 1863, to Capt. Jan. 21, 1864.
Ferrell, Thornton, 1st Lieut., 44.  Promoted form Sergt. to 2nd Lieut. Feb. 8, 1863, to 1st Lieut, Jan. 21, 1864.
McDonald, James F., 2nd Lieut., 28.  Promoted from Sergt. Jan. 21, 1864.
Smith, Martin, 1st Sergt, 23.
Robinson, Harvey, Sergt., 20.
Rogers, Robert H., Sergt., 21  Wounded at New River Bridge, May 10, 1864.
Shimer, George W., Sergt., 29.
Hardman, James S., 34.
Cunningham, John R., Corporal, 29.
Collins, Isaac S., Corporal, 18.
Wilson, Daniel, Corporal, 23.
Cox, Isaac B., Corporal, 37.
Helmick, A.M., Corporal, 18.  Erroneously mustered by Maj. Trimble, March 14, 1862.
Stallman, David, Corporal, 34.
Cox, Philip, Corporal, 26.
Nay, Alfred, Corporal, 19.
Ayers, Adolphus B., Private, 18.
Ayers, Moses, Private, 60.
Ayers, Salem V., Private, 34.  Prisoner of war captured at Bulltown, W. Va., Oct. 13, 1863, died Andersonville, Ga.
Braden, Ezekiel, Private, 32.
Boner, Ferrell D., Private, 20.
Boner, James, Private, 19.
Boner, Robert, Private, 44.
Boner, Valentine, Private, 22.
Boner, Jonah, Private, 18.  Prisoner of war, captured at Cedar Creek Oct 19, 1864.
Boner, Amos, Private, 23.
Barnes, William, Private, 39.
Barnes, Benjamin, Private, 31.  Wounded at Cedar Creek Oct. 19, 1864
Ball, Jasper, Private, 30.
Barr, Alfred, Private, 22.  Wounded at Winchester, Va., July 24, 1864.
Beall, Townsend, Private, 39.
Beall, Henderson, Private, 36.  Prisoner of war, captured Cedar Creek, Oct 19, 1864.
Beall, John M., Private, 34.
Bennett, Laban J., Private, 21.  Captured at Bulltown, Oct 13, 1863.
Booher, Peter M., Private, 27.
Beel, Simon, Private, 18.
Bush, John C., Private, 18.
Bush, Joseph B., Private, 18.  Captured at Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864.
Cox, David S., Private, 40.
Collins, Felix W., Private, 40.
Collins, John D., Private, 37.  Wounded and captured at Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864.
Collins, Thomas H., Private, 38.
Collins, Sedwick C., Private, 42.
Collins, Benjamin F., Private, 18.
Cox, Granville W., Private, 18.
Cunningham, W.L., Private, 24.  Wounded at Arnoldsburg, W. Va., May 6, 1862.
Evans, Andrew J., Private, 33.
Evans, John M., Private, 41.
Ferrell, James A., Private, 18.
Ferrell, Thomas K., Private, 18.  Erroneously mustered by Maj. Trimble March 14, 1862.
Freed, Jacob, Private, 21.
Hunt, James P., Private, 40.
Holt, James T., Private, 21.  Under arrest absent without leave.
Holt, John H., Private, 20.
Hamrick, William, Private, 25.
Hathaway, William, Private, 20.
Holden, James T., Private, 40.
Hyman, Benjamin F., Private, 18.
Glover, Robert E., Private, 27.
Kight, Benjamin A., Private, 31.
Keebaugh, John W., Private, 23.
Kelley, Oscar, Private, 27.
Laughlin, John A., Private, 36.
Lough, Nimrod, Private, 40.
Laird, Alexander B., Private, 18.
McGee, Jesse, Private, 35.
Mathew, Thomas, Private, 20.  Wounded at Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864.
Modisett, Wm. B., Private, 25.  Captured at Winchester, Va., July 24, 1864.
Norman, Alpheus, Private, 37.
Nutter, John N., Private, 18.
Pride, William, Private, 30.
Poling, Jacob, Private, 35.
Poling, Wesley, Private, 18.
Richards, Adonijah, Private, 23.
Robinson, Francis, Private, 36.
Rogers, A.I.J., Private, 18.
Smith, Jashua, Private, 43.
Smith, Barnes N., Private, 18.  Wounded at Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864.
Snider, John, Private, 29.
Stevens, William S., Private, 21.
Stalnaker, A.H., Private, 21.
Stalnaker, S.S., Private, 20.  Captured at Bulltown, W. Va., Oct. 13, 1863.
Wilson, Van C., Private, 18.
Turner, John C., Private, 45.
Tingler, Granville, Private, 25.
Tingler, John, Private, 32.  Prisoner of War captured at Cedar Creek, Va. Oct. 19, 1864.
Wilt, Washington F., Private, 18.

Simpson, James L., Captain, 33.  Promoted to Major, Nov. 26, 1863.
Ayers, Michael A., Sergt, 21.  Promoted to Sergt Major, June 1, 1863.

Robinson, James, 1st Lieut. 34.  Resigned Oct. 9, 1862.
Poling, Nicholas, 2nd Lieut. 42.  Resigned Oct. 9, 1862.
Ferrell, Franklin, Private, 30.  At Parkersburg May 12, 1863.
Kight, Emanuel, Private, 39.  At Parkersburg, April 23, 1863.
Webb, Lafayette, Private, 22.  At Parkersburg, Jan. 21, 1862.
Burrows, Thomas, Private, 27.  At Parkersburg April 23, 1863.
Richards, Isaac, Private,2_.  At Parkersburg Dec. 22, 1862.

Haverty, John, 1st. Sergt. 22.  Accidentally shot July 31, 1863, at Arnoldsburg.
Singler, John W., Corporal, 18.  Of disease, near Lynchburg, Va., June 16, 1864.
Cox, Jesse E., Private, 24.  Of disease, General Hospital, Baltimore, August 21, 1864.
Clevenger, Bailey, Private, 40.  March 14, 1862, killed by Guerrillas in Roane county, W. Va.
Evans, Joshua, Private, 44.  Of disease, Feb. 23, 1863, at home in Calhoun county, W.Va.
Ferrell, Thomas G., Private, 44.  Of disease, April 29, 1864, in hospital at Clarksburg, W.Va.
Fleming, Lewis G., Private, 22.  Of disease, Aug. 23, 1864, in hospital at Cumberland, Md.
Glaze, Marshall W., Private, 20.  Killed by Guerillas in Roane county, 1863.
Hill, James W., Private, 18.  Of disease, Nov. 21, 1863, in hospital at Parkersburg, W. Va.
Keebough, William, Private, 18.  Of disease, June 5, 1864, in hospital at Gallipolis, Ohio.
Nester, Samuel W., Private, 39.  In hospital at Gallipolis, Ohio, July 22, 1864, of wounds received in action.
Norman, William, Private, 24,  Killed by Guerillas, Sept. 1862, in Calhoun county, W. Va., while at home on furlough.
Proudfoot, Levi, Private, 18.  Of disease, near Meadow Bluffs, Va., June 25, 1864.
Proudfoot, Francis, Private, 18.  Killed in action near Lynchburg, Va., June 18, 1864.
Richards, Albert C., Private, 24.  Of disease near Sewall's Mountain, Va., June 27, 1864.
Rexroad, Morgan, Private, 31.  Killed in action at Lynchburg, Va., June 18, 1864.
Smith, Francis M., Private, 17.  Killed in action at Lynchburg, Va., June 18, 1864.
Stalnaker, T.S. Private, 18.  Of disease Nov. 2, 1864, in Sheridan's Field Hospital.

Bean, Robert, Private, 23.  Sept. 21, 1862, at Parkersburg, W. Va.
Stalnaker, N.C., Private, 23.  Sept. 21, 1862, at Spencer, W. Va.
Trader, Elias H., Private, 21.  At Elizabethtown, Dec. 22, 1861, before being mustered.

Aggregate 117 men.