Old-Time Barn Raising Held in 1927


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/7/1927.

The Milo Rip Saw

Mike Wallbrown had one of the highest, tallest, log barns ever known in Calhoun this state and the largest crowd ever known for years was gathered and it seemed like old times, such is barn raising, log rolling and etc.  There were thirty four men and, my oh! but what a bunch of women.  He also was visited by his sons-in-law and daughters, also their children which made it very pleasant for the old man and family and was almost like a reunion.  They all certainly had a jolly time with a wonderfully rooster fight.  Joe came a little late, but sure did make plenty of noise after he got there.  Toody Parsons, Clellan Brown, Clay Wallbrown and P.G. Deweese were the corner men and they are mighty good corner men and sure do know how to make the notches fit.

It took the women about three hours to serve dinner to this crowd and there was sure some dish washing and chicken bones to be piled up after the feast.  Also they served supper about four o'clock after the last log was laid on the top of the barn.  Joe - He started to the supper table rejoicing.  There is reported supposed to be another barn raising in the near neighborhood next week and everybody is expecting another feast.

The following were present:  J.J. Bailey, French Bailey, Hence Bailey, Sam Bailey, Diddridge Bailey, Roy Bailey, Orval Bailey, A.J. Bailey, Howard Bailey, Joseph Bailey, Mike Wallbrown, Will Wallbrown, Clay Wallbrown, George Wallbrown, Delford Wallbrown, Curtis Wallbrown, Bert Wallbrown, Tom Jackson, Ora Butler, Toody Andy Parsons, Joe, He. Sampson, J. Mat Starcher, Father Jacob Hall, Nelson Smith, B.E. Nicholson, Carl Witt, P.G. Deweese, Columbus Siers and Willie Siers.

We are very sorry that we cannot name the rest but we have forgotten their names besides the women and children to numerous to mention.