Article and photos submitted by Judy Powell

The 47th annual Sidwell Reunion was held on August 8th, 2004 at Sportmen's Park in Elizabeth, WV. The annual event is held on the 2nd Sunday in August each year.

A covered dish lunch was served and prizes were given out shortly after.

Frank Sidwell, Elizabeth, WV; Johnny Rexroad, Grantsville, WV, son of Ermal Sidwell Rexroad; Leonard Powell, Grantsville, WV

Freddie Sidwell (sitting with blue cap on)

Della (Sidwell)

Debbie King, Grantsville, WV, great-granddaughter of Ermal Sidwell; Oras McWilliams, Grantsville, WV, Ermal Sidwell's cousin; Janice and Delmas Rexroad, Glenville, WV, Delmas is son of Ermal Sidwell; Johnny Rexroad, Grantsville, WV, son of Ermal Sidwell; Leonard and Judy Powell, Grantsville, WV, Judy is a granddaughter of Ermal Sidwell

Pauline Gillespie, Parkersburg, WV. daughter of Bill Sidwell

Gail Gillespie, Parkersburg, WV

Madeline, Ernest, Alma; children of Harley Sidwell

Sitting Oras McWilliams, Delmas and Johnny Rexroad

Debbie King, Oras McWilliams, Mary Nichols