FALLEN AND CAN'T GET UP - Norma Has Her Share Of Ups And Downs


By Dianne Weaver

Associate Editor of the Hur Herald, Norma Knotts Shaffer, fell and broke her hip a week ago. She had been pruning roses and pulling weeds when she and a thorny rose bush "tangled". The bush won, causing her to lose balance and fall.

Norma lives at the end of a Grantsville street known by many as Duck Alley. She knew none of her neighbors were around to hear her if she hollered.

She looked at her watch and knew it was about the time some of the local EMS staff come to lunch at the Koffee Kup across the street. She decided to conserve her strength until she heard them arrive. Sure enough, in a few minutes she heard the ambulance pull up in front of the restaurant.

She could see only the tires from her viewpoint on the ground, and waited until she saw the feet of the EMT's as they got out of the vehicle. That's when she tore loose with all manner of yelling and wailing, at which they came running as fast as they could, pulling the ambulance to where she was "reclining," on the ground among the roses, shrubs and cuttings.

Norma's calls for help, seem to come about in unusual ways ... even in distress she has been able later to chuckle at the circumstance.

A couple years ago Norma's elderly mother, the late Hazel Collins Knotts, was living with her, after also suffering from a broken hip. Her mother was napping and Norma too fell asleep in her recliner. Well, mom woke up first and decided she could maneuver herself to the bathroom, but lost her balance and fell right on top of her reposing daughter.

Norma couldn't move, nor could she come up with a solution to get her mom off of her without possibly causing her more damage. She reached for the portable phone and called 911.

"Calhoun County 911, do you have an emergency?"

"My mother has fallen on me, and I can't get up."

"Your mother has fallen and she can't get up?"

"No, my mother has fallen on me, and I can't get up."

"Can your mother get up?"

"No, mother can't get up either."

"So, your mother has fallen on you and she can't get up ... and you can't get up either .... is that correct?"

"That's correct ... could you send help?"

"Are either of you hurt?"

"No, we're both fine, we just can't get up."

"Where are you, Mrs, Shaffer?"

"I'm in the recliner, in the living room."

The dispatcher immediately called members of the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department who went and took care of the problem.

Since her latest incident, Norma is making good progress at Healthsouth Rehab in Parkersburg.

Hur Herald readers who have enjoyed her Photo of the Day and many other historical projects she does, might want to send her a get well card:

Norma Shaffer
Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital
3 Western Hills Drive
Parkersburg WV 26105.