FERRIS BARR'S DAUGHTER CHECKS-IN - Daughter Of Early Calhoun Photographer


By Dianne Weaver

During the past weeks we have published old photos taken by Daniels Run old-timer Ferris Barr. The unknown faces from up and down the tributaries of the West Fork have the presence of time in the early 1900's, but certainly the "look" of many of our ancestors.

The pictures were circulated around Calhoun about five years ago, but few identifications made. The generation which could have identified them is now gone.

We heard from the daughter of Ferris Barr, Erless Barr Waldschmidt, who graduated from CHS in 1959 and now lives in Falls Church, Virginia. Erless has been a long time friend of classmate Joy Shaffer Starcher, who works in the local school board office.

"It was a delightful surprise to see the article about him and the pictures. I wish I could make some identification, but sadly I don't have a clue," she wrote.

Erless said he gave up picture taking long before she came along, but remembers families coming to the house inquiring if her dad had pictures of their relatives. He would then haul the boxes out, giving them pictures they wanted.

"Daddy did have other interests. "He dearly loved to play baseball as did Uncle Pratt and Fay Barr. They played instruments in a little band they hand," she said. Her uncle Fay Barr vanished about 1935, never to be heard from again.

Erless and some of her family are returning to Calhoun in late May. Her sister in Akron is coming, also two cousins (Pratt's daughters) Gretchen from San Diego and Betty from Seattle. She says they are looking forward to a mini-reunion in Sunny Cal.

In the meantime, the first new identification of people in "Unknown Faces" is by Fern Dickel of Parkersburg. In #13, the bottom photo is William Peter, Lewis W. and Elza Price.

Note: I too have been able to identify some of my family in the Barr Collection. I have proudly added them in today's series, # 20. Dianne Weaver