Dr. Dye Severely Injured in 1894


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilms of the Calhoun Chronicle dates as indicated.

Last Friday night Dr. W.T.W. Dye was returning from a professional call on one of his patients on Yellow creek, by way of Spring Fork and at the residence of Robt. Ferrell his horse broke through that old nuisance of a bridge, throwing him on his face and breast from which he received serious injuries.  His head was badly hurt, he was also badly mashed up about the hips and back.  He thinks the horse fell on him.  The best calculation of time that can be made is that he lay there on the bridge in an unconscious state for about three hours, but finally came to himself, but was unable to hollow or make himself heard at the house of Mr. Ferrell which is not over a 100 feet from the bridge.  Luckily some people who had been to a literary some where in the neighborhood chanced to pass that way and found him.  He was carried into the house and Dr. Swentzel summoned who did all that could be done to allay his great suffering.  At this writing several parties have gone after him and if possible he will be brought home.

Dr. Dye's injuries from the fall on the bridge which we reported in our last issue were much worse than they were at first thought to be.  It was necessary to carry him home, a distance of six miles.  But willing and strong men took hold and he was soon conveyed through mud that was deep and sticky.  No man nor woman will ever suffer in this community so long as human skill and human attention can possibly prevent it.  We are glad to announce that the Dr. is now in a fair way to a speedy recovery.