1894 Altercation Results in Wounding and Death


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 3/13/1894 and 10/2/1894.

For sometime, as we understand, there has been a bad feeling between a Mr. Morris, of the head of Sycamore and a family by the name of Everson, residing on the waters of Daniel's run.  Near the Sycamore postoffice, last Monday morning, Mr. Morris and one of the Everson boys met by accident, and had a few words, when Morris picked up a club and assaulted the boy, who retaliated with an ax, striking Morris with the blade of the ax about the wrist, which all most severed the hand from the arm.  Dr. Dye went out and dressed the wound, and it is thought that it will make a cripple of him, at least.  That seems to be an unfortunate community.  Near where this fight occurred Jas. Sturm and Sam Sickles went out to settle an old feud, which resulted in the death of Sturm and Sickles a 15 year sentence in the penitentiary, which cost him his life also.  From the knowledge we have of that community we believe a large majority of the citizens are honest and law abiding.  But no good citizen nor any number of them can prevent men who are quarrelsome from settling their feuds as they please.

John Morris, who lived near the Sycamore post office, died last Sunday week of blood poison.  In a fight last spring he had his hand nearly severed from the arm with an ax.  The wound never healed and terminated as before stated.