Hope for Calhoun Resort Expressed in 1894


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilms of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 10/9/1894 and 10/16/1894.

The well drilled on the Fair ground below town gives promise of a superior quality of mineral water.

The taste is very similar to the famous Webster Spring water, not quite so strong.  It is intended to case off a vein of fresh water that pours into it, when it is thought that we will have water equal to the best in the state.  If the water proves what is now thought it will, a fine hotel will be erected at once and the place made a regular summer resort.  With all the natural advantages and healthy location, we can see no reason why Grantsville should not become one of the leading resorts of the state.

A specimen of the water has been sent for analysis, and we will be able in a few days to tell if good has come our way.

A qualitative analysis by the government chemists, Lehmann and Glaser, proves all hour hopes well founded and we really have a well of superior "Mineral water".  The ingredients found in the water by the report are Lithia, Potassia, Lime, Chloride, Sodium, Iron, Selica and Ammonia.  No quantitative analysis has been made, for the reason that the water is diluted with a fresh water vein, and its strength cannot be ascertained until the mineral water can be had pure.  It is not necessary to add that the water has medical qualities for the ingredients named enter into nearly all the remedies for disease.  All that is needed now is the necessary improvements when its benefits to the afflicted can and will be tested thoroughly.  Nature has prepared the places for pleasure and health.  We only have to do the rest.