An 1894 Saturday in Grantsville


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/4/1894.

Last Saturday was an eventful day to Grantsville.  To begin with everybody was duly sober and remained so during the entire day.  But Ely's show was here and that attracted more or less attention, particularly from the outside.  About 10 o'clock Dr. J.E. Snider and Alex Chancey of Annamaria flats had some words about some trifling matter which ended in a fight, each side claiming that the other was in fault.  Some time in the morning two men were thrown from horses on the Fair Grounds, but neither were seriously hurt.  In a running race in the afternoon Bob Nutter's horse flew the track but no harm was done.  As the crowd was dispersing from the Fair Grounds, Gay Hardman and Miss Dollie Silcott were driving quietly down the road when some parties came dashing up behind them on horse back, one of the horses running into the buggy upsetting it.  The team took fright and ran away, completely demolishing the buggy and seriously, but not fatally hurting Miss Silcott.  Mr. Hardman was also bruised considerably.  A social hop was given at Mrs. Hattie Thomas in the evening which was enjoyed by all who were present.  There were many other minor happenings which we would be glad to mention if we only had the space.