The Calhoun Commission passed a broad resolution Monday to forward to Dominion Resource executives in an effort to save Cabot Reycling Station near Grantsville.

Dominion has canceled the lease and is putting the old compressor station on the market for $350,000.

The old site and building, located on the flood plain, has been used since the early 1900s as a carbon black factory and then as a Cabot compressor station.

Commissioners say the recycling program has been one of the county's great success stories, the center is also used by several neighboring counties.

Commission president Chip Westfall said, "We're hopeful the company changes its mind by reestablishing the 99-year lease or donating the property to the center."


Whereas: The Calhoun County Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) was created by the WV State Legislature and is composed of a five member board of volunteers; and

Whereas: The Calhoun County Solid Waste Authority negotiated a deal with Dominion Transmission, Inc. (Dominion) in 2002 whereby Dominion generously gave CCSWA a 99 year lease for one dollar a year for the old Hope Compressor Station at Cabot Station; and

Whereas: Since then, CCSWA has operated Cabot Recycling Station, a nonprofit public recycling center out of the aforementioned building; and

Whereas: Dominion has decided to sell the property and has terminated the lease with CCSWA and ordered them to vacate the premises before May 1, 2016: and

Whereas: Funding for CCSWA depends largely on grants, the award of which is unpredictable; and

Whereas: CCSWA is not currently in a position to purchase the property and cannot say when or if it will be, due to the unpredictable nature of its funding; and

Whereas: There are no other commercial buildings in the county that are suitable for CCSWA's recycling operation and affordable to CCSWA; and

Whereas: Cabot Recycling Station will surely close if it has to vacate the current building; and

Whereas: There are no recycling centers in at least three of the counties surrounding Calhoun County; and

Whereas: There will be no recycling services available in a four-county area if Cabot Recycling Station closes, which will undoubtedly result in increased litter on our roadsides, rivers and hillsides; and

Whereas: Given the low levels of economic activity in the area and the poor condition of the 65-year old building, it is doubtful that Dominion will sell the property in a reasonable amount of time, especially for the price it is asking; and

Whereas: Dominion has a charitable branch, called the Dominion Foundation, which awards over $20 million a year to communities to protect the environment, protect natural resources, and improve community well-being; therefore

Be It Resolved That: The Calhoun County Commission calls upon Dominion to demonstrate its commitment to conserving natural resources and fostering community well-being and donate the property on which Cabot Recycling Station stands to CCSWA.

Residents are encouraged to sign petition to save the center, on this site.

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