COMMENT By Bob Weaver

Most US politicos, their corporate sponsors, hired scientists and media outlets continue to convince the US public that climate change science is a hoax, that it's a cyclical "act of god," not caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, human consumption and disposal.

If one agrees that climate change is a hoax or "act of god," although it is supported by over 90% of the world's leading scientists, the solution is pretty simple - do little or nothing and stand by for the results.

While the US government has taken some stands on greenhouse emissions, the attack against those positions have been to save jobs and corporate profits, not life on earth.

The ever increasing droughts that have settled across parts of America (and other parts of the world), using a political rather than scientific model, means that parched humanity must just bare the consequences, accepting weather patterns that are becoming more devastating each year.

We must accept that the melting of polar ice caps and the rising of the oceans are fatefully in the cards.

We seem to have little reason to be conservators of nature or control human behavior on earth, continuing to conspicuously consume, enjoying the handy products of oil, gas and coal, not to forget the billion tons of chemicals, plastics and trash into the earth, rivers and oceans.

Shifting toward less toxic re-newable energy is slow.

We are programmed to buy, buy, buy and consume, consume, consume.

It is having the good life.

In America, the business model is based on consumption, mostly food and products being imported, with the US declining as a producer.

Anders Sandberg of the University of Oxford, said "In the daily hubbub of current "crises" facing humanity, we forget about the many generations we hope are yet to come." Sandberg said we face existential risks that threaten to wipe out humanity.

Changing habits are insults to conveniences of life, an attack on a trillion dollar money system that drives the economy.

Most Americans seem to believe that climate charge is just another left-conspiracy, or assuming an oppressive position they have no power to intervene.

We will likely continue to entertain and consume ourselves to death, the efforts to change could likely be too little, too late for our children, yet to come.