An investigation of the Gauley Bridge Police Department which began a year ago by the WV State Police, was disclosed this week by the Charleston Gazette.

Gauley Bridge, with a population of 614, has topped the state's profile for a speed trap in recent years, joining the City of Summersville for record numbers of violations.

In 2002, Gauley Bridge reported issuing 28 speeding ticket convictions to the DMV for the entire year.

That number has risen to 6,000 during an examination of records, more than any other city or town in the state, according to the state Division of Motor Vehicles.

Mayors of WV towns with so-called speed traps claim the ticketing is not about money, but about public safety.

The Gazette says the West Virginia State Police have seized boxes of records and several computers as part of an investigation into the Gauley Bridge Police Department.

The Whipkey brothers, whose ticketing fame surfaced in Summersville, are enforcing the town's speeding laws.

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