JOHN DALE CYRUS VICTIM OF CALHOUN SHOOTING - Complaint Describes Encounter, Husk Charged With 2nd Degree Murder


2011 - A WV State Police criminal complaint has released the name of the victim of a Calhoun shooting Wednesday evening, and details of what led up to the event.

The Herald did not publish the names of the shooter until it was public information on the Central Regional Jail site, nor was the name of the deceased victim published until it was released Thursday in a criminal complaint filed by the WV State Police.

Thomas Lee Husk, 45, a former Jesses Run resident who now lives on Sugar Camp, a short distance from the shooting on Trippett Road, has been charged with the second degree murder of John Dale Cyrus, 45, a WV Department of Highway's employee who lived in the Chloe area.

A criminal complaint says that Husk was going to his residence on Sugar Camp when he discovered John Dale Cyrus blocking his drive-way. Cyrus' ex-wife since 2006 was reportedly in Husk's car, in addition to other family members.

Husk stated that he kept going up the road approximately two miles, according to the criminal complaint, and stopped at the dead-end of Trippett Road, with Cyrus following him.

Residents on Trippett Rd. reported two vehicles driving up the hollow at a high rate of speed. About six families live along the short stretch of roadway.

Husk, according to the criminal complaint, said "[Cyrus] jumped out of his vehicle, walked up to Husk's vehicle, and began punching him [Husk] in the face."

"Husk, while seated in his vehicle grabbed his 9mm pistol and shot Cyrus three times, killing him. Husk stated that he and Cyrus had been arguing for some time about Husk residing with Cyrus' ex-wife, and Cyrus' daughter being married to Husk's son," said the complaint.

Reportedly, contentious interaction between the two occurred on Facebook for some time.

Both Husk and Cyrus reportedly had concealed weapons permits.

Three occupants of the Husk vehicle, including Husk's girlfriend (Cyrus' ex-wife), another adult woman and a 15-month-old baby, fled into the nearby house for safety.

Some of the residents at the house where the shooting happened, grabbed their two-year-old infant from a wading pool and fled inside their house, barricading their door.

One told the Herald, "It was the most scared I've ever been in my life...I had a panic attack, scared that the man (Husk) might try to come into the house."

A individual in the house then had a seizure and was taken to Minnie Hamilton Health System.

There are witnesses to the shooting, according to the complaint, at least three giving statements.

Husk is being held in Central Regional Jail on $300,000 bond.

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(Husk was sentenced to prison for the shooting)