"We salute those who have protected America and our freedom"

By Bob Weaver July 2007

VFW Post 5959 vets traveled last week to the long-gone Village of Richardson along the lower West Fork to erect a pole and flag.

The flag now flies above what was once Calhoun's largest village, now vanished but for a large grassy meadow.

This is about the 20th flag and pole set by the vets in memory of those who have served in America's wars.


The town of Richardson, a center of commerce on the lower West Fork, was named for Charles H. Richardson, moving to this county in 1866 from Watertown, Mass.

Carl Kemmner WW I (1894-1963) son of original German
settler John Kemmner and Stennett Bee (1830-1923) reposes
in the Bee Cemetery, the latter once operating the Bee Hotel

The Meadows Cemetery (and Bee Cemetery) overlook a grassy
meadow, once the site of the bustling Village of Richardson,
hotels, drug store, barber shop, mill, general stores and
houses, spurred by oil and gas development about 1900

A hand-constructed stone crypt, the resting place of Bernard
Freemont Hardman, age four, who burned to death in the village in 1906

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