By Alvin Engelke

Julia Joyces daffodils are flowering again, grass is growing there are several new calves, kittens and other new arrivals. The gobblers continue to sing each morning attempting to woo the shy turkey hens and fishermen have been wetting some hooks. In short, spring has officially arrived although some of the nervous "snow flakes" had a panic over a suggested snow squall.

Jane Engelke and Stacey Dye participated in Strawberry Festival Queen & Teen Pageants at Buckhannon over the weekend. Both represented Wirt County well. There were a total of 74 contestants. They attended the Strawberry Festival goodwill dinner Friday night where W. Va. Commissioner of Agriculture Gus Douglas was named Strawberry King for next year replacing Tucker Bennett, the 2000 King. Nancy Engelke and Mike Tedrick also attended the festivities.

C. Glen Arthur is home from the hospital and is on oxygen. Visitors are warned not to light up their smokes when they come visiting.

Old Redbeard, a/k/a P. P. Thunderclap now has a new name. Seems he had his linear cranked up and decided to do some modifications with a screwdriver. The tool made the wrong contact and current flowed in one hand and out the other. The would be electronics whiz came to after the breaker tripped, thus saving him from being completely fried. He will henceforward be known as old Thunderbolt.

The Little Puppy, Chuckie-Poo, the Local columnist and the Great Pifu were among those who atttended the W. Va. Vegetation Management meeting at the Lakeview resort on Cheat Lake. Some claimed that the Great Pifu and "The Herbicide Sprayer" were "real thick" and that they "painted the town". One fellow said, "Ive no idea since I went to bed early and didnt check anyone elses doors." It was noted though that The Pifu went home early the next day complaining of various agonies including back pains.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. was vacationing at he Hotel Shoveront over the weekend and Stymie was visiting Brain Hall and Debbie Copen.

Euell Russell and Joan Auvil were among those who attended a Gospel Sing down at the mouth of Elk River Friday night.

John Kiger was attending to business in Creston over the weekend.

Local farmers are getting more concerned about the spread of hoof and mouth disease in what looks like a world wide epidemic. From press reports the situation in Argentina is out of hand. Since a considerable amount of Argentine beef is imported here there is a great risk of the viral infection in this country. It would seem that now is the time for USDA bureaucrats to "show their stuff". Earlier claims to fame have been multiflora rose (which is leafing out), European corn borers, Asiatic beetles (government ladybugs) (which are still tormenting area residents) and the decimation of national farm population.

It was reported that Terry Pegulas East Resources brought in a powerful shale well back near where Calhoun, Ritchie and Wirt Counties meet. The well which came in natural was said to be resisting attempts to gage production.

Natural gas sold during January fetched $10.82/dekatherm which is the highest price ever for natural gas. February gas fetched $6.68 and March production was worth $5.39.

Recently a number of local homeschoolers attended the W. Va. Legislature. The solons noted that they had never had a better behaved group of youngsters in the galleries. Local residents reported that it was a very positive experience.

The folks who also promote gambling as a solution to financial woes have been noted to oppose home schooling and private and parochial schools. They claim this drains away resources that should go to public education. Along these lines it was recently learned that 30% of the teachers in the Los Angeles system send their children to private schools and 36.7% of the San Francisco pedagogists do likewise.

The "wise ones" have been busy for years working to repeal the second amendment to the constitution. Last year Charton Heston did a number on them but now there is a new tack to protect the sacred cows. The new mantra is "campaign reform" which really is a limit on the first amendment since the lefties control most media outlets and all others have to pay to be heard.

Jeremy Ferrell spent the weekend in Parkersburg.

Jennifer McVey and Todd Wigal were making the rounds recently. Jennifer said that she was going to bake some cookies for a select group of individuals.

Rev. Bob Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. He will preach April 1 and serve communion. He noted that all are welcome and the service starts at 9:30 A. M.

The Heavy Maintenance crew has been working on the piling that was placed at the oil and gas historical park at Burning Springs. After the piling work is done the fill can be completed and the pumping unit set for the Rathbone well.

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