By Alvin Engelke

The full moon with Mars visible was an awesome sight in the sky over Creston the other evening. At least until the next hurricane fouls up the weather, the local scene has been blessed with cool, dry fall weather with good nights for sleeping, as well as watching the movements of the celestial bodies.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

There was all sorts of excitement in Creston Friday when Arley Parker, the contract mail hauler, flipped his truck on the side just after turning off W. Va. 5. He walked over to the post office with a bloody elbow and Johnny Miller, the contract carrier for the Annamoriah, Joker, Hur & Mt. Zion mail helped bring in the Creston mail. A wrecker was summonsed and hauled Arley's truck and the mail to Grantsville and other delivery spots before hauling the vehicle back to Parkersburg.

The gendarmes harvested some of the "alternate" agricultural crops in the Ground Hog section but none of the growers were bothered.

Mildred Virginia Owens, age 85, of Belpre passed away. She was a daughter of the late James Albert and Jennie Ellen Lucas Martin and was born in Creston.

Hazel Kirby, age 83 of Parkersburg, passed away. She was a daughter of the late Emmett David & Liddie Tucker Carpenter.

A good crowd was on hand Saturday for the Grim reunion which was held at the Creston Community Building. Former Creston resident Rev. Gladson Grim and his daughter Pam were also visiting with area friends. Rev. Grim preached Saturday night at the Norman Ridge church.

Mr. & Mrs. Don Rhodes were calling on C. Glen Arthur.

Alvin Engelke was among those calling on The Great Pifu at the intensive care unit of Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston. The Great Pifu had a ruptured appendix for starters.

Fritzina and Wilbur were entertaining guests at their residence over in the old Dominion and it seems Matt overdid it with Fritzina and got bit.

Leasemen for Columbia Gas have been having problems giving good answers when folks ask why Columbia is paying royalty at $3.25/mcf when others are paying market which is at least $5 and sometimes (last spring) $14/mcf. Of course Allegheny still pays 20 cents/mcf. on the old Cabot contracts. Some of the new oil and gas leases allow for net royalties to be paid. Some shady characters have, it is said, taken the same approach to leases that call for gross royalties to be paid.

Travelers in Mineral Wells Sunday evening saw two flying machines which resembled go karts with curved flat balloons over them [sort of like large air mattresses]. Being country folks who live in a remote section, they had not ever seen such before.

The troubles continue down at the mouth of Elk River with ever worsening financial news. Problems from Gaston's second term and the Manchin treasury capers keep coming to the conversations although others keep saying, "It is only a temporary problem". Five Republicans have announced and numerous Democrats have indicated a wish to be in charge including one Arnoldsburg resident, Mr. Jenkins who, apparently, didn't get the word that the power brokers had selected Junior Jackson and it didn't really matter that his name started with a "J" also. Many will, no doubt, point to the 70 years of progress in West Virginia which as made the state #1 on many lists like workmen's compensation costs, liability insurance costs, unfounded pensions, etc.

Jesse Carpenter was calling on Jeremy Ferrell.

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