By Bob Weaver

Chloe resident David Corson is moving ahead with a civil suit against the Minnora Community Center. "Depositions were taken last week and we are waiting for a trial date," he said. Corson says it is a breach of contract suit which also centers on the violation of by-laws by the center's board and the removal of Wanda Richards as the Board president. The suit, he says, accuses the Board of conducting illegal elections.

"They have violated public trust and confidence," he asserted.

President Wanda Richards told The Herald "We are moving ahead with the center. Much has been accomplished and thousands of volunteer hours have been donated. We would like to have some work-hardy people, including those who have been critical of these accomplishments, to donate some time to this wonderful center."

In an open letter to southern Calhoun seniors and residents dated March 23, Corson sustains Larry Cottrell's charges against some members of MCC of being drunk, incidents of sexual harassment, fraud and other issues of misconduct. (SEE earlier story in The Herald)

Corson told The Herald he is having his lawyer subpoena about "Two-hundred hours of cell phone conversations recorded from a scanner by Danny Arnold (who resides on Walker Road)." Corson alleges conversations are between Wanda Richards, Bill Howley, Rose Jarvis and others. He said such recording is legal.

He claims to have heard about 45 seconds of the recording on his phone. "The recordings could contain evidence for my lawsuit and could be used in my court case." He said Arnold is refusing to provide the court with the tapes.

Danny Arnold said "Dave has tried to get me involved in the controversy. I have no reason to be, nor do I want to be. The 200 hours of tapes do not exist. I have just joked about the problems in the community."

Arnold said he received a registered letter from Corson's attorney, Kenard Skeen of Ripley, requesting him to turn over tapes, recordings and CD's. "There are no tapes," he reaffirmed.

Corson, in his open letter, said "As a gesture of good will towards the center, should the current President Wanda Richards resign, the 'Senior Citizen's Group' (Corson's group) is willing to begin negotiations with the Minnora Community Center Board to resolve out of court the current law suit."

Arnold said "Wanda and her group have done a lot of good for this community. There would be no community center without them. I will continue to support the center in anyway I can. If they don't do something soon, the place will go down the tube." He said among the best things that have happened around here are the Minnora Community Center, the Upper West Fork and Big Otter Volunteer Fire Departments. He acknowledged the importance of emergency ambulance service from EMS. "I can remember when it took well over an hour."

He said a few weeks ago if it had not been for the response of the Upper West Fork and Big Otter Fire Departments, "My son's trailer would have burned down."

Corson said if he wins the suit he might ask for damages. He wants Richards to resign and some earlier Board members reinstated.

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