By Alvin Engelke

C. Glen Arthur is a patient in the hospital again. The main concern now is his heart.

Jerry Hopkins suffered a heart attack and had two stints installed. Jerry and his family have strong connections to Creston.

Linda Hall came down with pneumonia fever and is on a ventilator in the Camden-Clark hospital. Last week her brother Ronnie Merrill had a combination of venison and truck trouble.

Dorothy Graham was consulting her physician.

Pat Nida was consulting her physician on other matters and was advised that she too was suffering from the nasty respiratory problems that have faced far too many this season.

Local farmers are following closely the problems elsewhere in the world with hoof and mouth disease and West Nile virus. Some would suggest that if one were a nasty terrorist who did not really understand the consequences of his actions (i. e. "Allah will protect ME".) he would spread nasty diseases world wide to so economic chaos and personal misery.

The West Nile virus which is established to the north of us now spreads by birds & otherwise and kills both birds and humans. Some feel that it might wipe out species like the Bald Eagle, etc.

The hoof and mouth disease problem has all appearances of being world wide now. It would be hoped that the agricultural authorities get off their duffs, quit talking and start acting in a positive manner. All shipments of animals from afar should cease at once. Locally we can raise all the meat we need and steps need to be put in place to protect the local food supply. England, since the one worlders took over, has lost out and, 221ere it is over, meat in many parts of the world may be very scarce. Along these lines, those who take diseased animal parts and use them as part of any food source for either humans or animals should be considered guilty of felonies and so treated. This is the reason for the earlier scare, "mad cow disease".

In a brighter vein, spring seems to be marching along locally with the buzzards feasting on the road kill venison left out for them and flowers blooming all about. The "snow panic crew" tried to cause some confusion but, aside from a few sleet particles Saturday, the sun ruled the day and all was well. Wild turkey gobblers continue to try to impress the hens, along with other rites of spring.

Bucky and Bessie Arthur fixed Euell and Charles Russells stove that was not working properly.

Iwana Stevens of Cleveland, Ohio who is a descendant of Virginia dePue Campbell was checking on local relatives. Virginia was a daughter of Henry dePue who first purchased the farm that is still in the family. Folks from far and wide read the Creston news and keep track of the local area and family members.

Keith Collins, who by the way is a cousin of Iwana, and also has roots in Creston was inducted in the Kappa Delta Pi, an education fraternity at Fairmont State College. He also stopped by at the F. M. Hopkins family home. Meanwhile, a number of Hopkins family members, including Virginia Patton and Margaret Grim gathered in Morgantown to do family research.

Anna Engelke, a Fairmont scholar, visited the home folks over the weekend and was also calling on Kelly Alastanos and family in Bridgeport.

Terry Pegulas East Resources continues to be busy drilling in the Brohard area. So far they have not tapped the same vein that the N. W. Haught #28 encountered although neighbors reported they could not sleep for the noise the night they blew back the frac from the new well on the E. M. Wilson lease. At lease two more wells are planned. A spokesperson for East said that Bill Gates, while he did invest in New York wells, had no interest in the West Virginia operations.

Columbia Natural Resources indicated that they would frac their new well on Flat Run since there is not enough volume. The process of fracturing Black River wells has been perfected in other states. It was learned that they plan to drill deeper their second well in Roane County and shift direction toward the southwest trend of the Arches Fork anticline along which many of the early deep wells were drilled. It was reported that Union Drilling is having two more deep drilling rigs made up. The 9" casing has been set in the Hensley well on Canoe.

Drilling is scheduled to start soon on the first deep well in Calhoun County since Exxon first drilled to the basement back in 1974. The new well is to be a slanty hole ending up under an occupied residence. Gladson Grim recently underwent eye surgery. He is doing well.

Capn Spock was calling on Mr.and Mrs. Robert J. Weaver at their Hur residence. Whilst there the trio solved various political and financial problems facing the world, nation and local jurisdictions.

J. P. Marks was consulting a Parkersburg maxillofacial surgeon recently concerning some troublesome teeth. The Marks family is also in the goat business.

Uncle Pete and Capn Spock were among those attending to business at the Cooper Lumber Co.s corporate headquarters on Hardmans Fork, Saturday evening. They took the grand tour which was guided by the President, CEO, owner and head sawyer. They are now using Simonds saws and report excellent results. Also, the end loader runs much better now after the installation of an electric fuel pump.

The piling job along the Anns Run road was completed so Bob Starcher and his crew moved to Zackville.

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