By Alvin Engelke

Rev. Bob Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs and Bell Chapel M. E. churches.

Charles I. Russell was attending to business in Parkersburg. He was also calling on Dorothy Graham.

C. Glen Arthur came down with pneumonia fever and is a patient at Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center.

Jim Bush was hauling hay from Creston over the weekend.

The little fiddler made a little splash in the national news with his televised comments about "inferior people". Several W. Va. taxpayers, including local ones, understood that he was speaking contemptuously about non jet setting Mountain State citizens. As Clinton spokesman James Carville would say, "trailer park trash".

The catkins are out on some early flowering trees and several area housewives now have flowering crocuses. Jonquils and daffodils have flower buds above ground now and will soon be in bloom.

Wee Willie Watkins and Mrs. Jim Blair had a fender bender on slippery snow covered Lemuels Run Road near the memorial stone quarry. After an initial panic it was decided not to call in health net to medivac Wee Willy to the hospital. The incident is being investigated by Trooper Hunt of the DPS.

The other day when schools were closed because of the skiff of snow, the comely Samantha Wilson baked a pan of brownies and fetched them to the day shift out the road garage on the ridge. After some thought she decided that Jerry Riggs wouldnt save any for the night shift so she baked another pan of the yummy goodies for them.

Seismic crews continue to work the local area for unknown firms who are prospecting area minerals to locate the best spots to drill deep wells. CNR and Key have permitted several deep wells in northern Jackson County on a line from Silverton to Limestone Hill in Wirt and Wood Counties. Columbia is drilling on Canoe in Roane County and doing additional tests on their new well on Flat Run. While it was claimed that it only came in at 5 or 10 million in the Trenton/Black River it also tested 8 million in the Clinton formation.

David Hennen was attending to business in Creston one day last week.

Capn Spock was calling on his newest nephew, Dalton Levi at his Owl Hill residence. He was also calling in downtown Dooleyville.

J. P., R. P. and A. C. Marks were among those calling on Uncle John and Aunt Debbie at the Space Dock on the hill.

Dixie and J. B. Griffin were calling on Uncle Pete and Aunt Verda at their Millstone residence, Sunday afternoon.

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