By Alvin Engelke

There will be a sing at the Creston Community Building on Friday, March 9. For details contact Larry Arthur.

Both Hallie and Ray Cunningham have been sick.

Cooter Marks has been experiencing technical difficulties with his little blue chariot. The engine is reported to have a major malfunction or two.

Walt Hupp who was married to the former Martha Hopkins burned up when the tanker load of fuel he was hauling down in Virginia caught fire. The accident is still under investigation.

Local residents continue to get frustrated with their Internet providers. Some were considering changing companies and getting faster speed computers but then it was learned that the local telephone line is only 18.5 and, worse than that, the facilities in the Elizabeth office are outdated so "country people" will just have to wait for their favorite sites to load.

A. C. Marks, Capn Spock and Dixie, the K-9 Quarterback were among those calling on Jason Nichols whilst out shooting photographs for The Hur Herald.

Euell Russell was consulting his physician. Bessie Arthur has been doing some work at their home.

Timmy Carpenter came to the auction sporting a shiner. Someone said Emma gave it to him while another claimed that Janet did it. The feller who lives in the little log cabin on the hill told his boss that "She said she was single but he said 221Keep your hands offn my wife". Then there was the story about a four wheeler accident but that could not be confirmed.

Some outfit from a southern county brought in equipment to cut timber on the Mack Stutler place. They didnt put up a sign but a spokesman said they would cut everything down to 12 inches. Apparently they have never heard of timber management or wise use of resources.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bush and Howard Bush were attending to business in Creston and noted that the road to Spencer has been completely torn up by big trucks since there is no frost law to protect roadways during wet times. Bobby Ray Starcher reported that rogue truckers were also destroying the road over in the Cremo section.

The DOH Heavy Maintenance crew has been working driving piling near the former Harley and Bertha Wells residence at Creston. The Fluharty crew has been helping with the piling job at the park at Burning Springs.

Folks who had business down at the mouth of Elk River report that the main thrust down there now is taking care of the gambling interests, of course in the guise of "education". The new euphemism is "gray machines".

Anna Reno and Alvin Engelke were among those who read to scholars during the annual reading event. The selection was The Ransom of Red Chief.

It was reported that lots and lots more seismic work has been done checking out minerals owned by others. George Engelke reported that now one can go back in old fields and find where the good spots were missed so true dry holes will be few and far between. The current Trenton - Black River frenzy continues unabated as the word spreads and more people learn about the "world class wells" and "phenomenal flow rates encountered" in the recently drilled deep wells.

Dominion Resources, it was learned, plans to build a new 30 inch gas line from their Cromwell station near Clendennin to transport the new gas to markets in North Carolina. Work is scheduled to start this summer.

Mrs. Robert Bunner, who formerly lived near Burning Springs suffered a stroke and is not at all well. Mr. and Mrs. Burl Dawson went to see her and then Janet had a heart attack.

Anna Engelke was among those who went skiing over the week end. Elsewhere the prospect of snow created panic [at least among some people].

Suellen Marie Arthur was calling on Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Arthur.

Crocuses are blooming in the Creston area and the wily wild turkeys are gobbling in the fertile woods along the West Fork of the Little Kanawha. Sue Farnsworth reported that a large flock of the tasty birds came almost up to her residence.

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