About 200 have registered.

The Calhoun County High School Alumni Reunion will be held on Saturday, July 6, 2019, at Arnoldsburg Elementary School.

Registration will be from 9:00 to 11:15 a.m. The program will be from 11:30 to 12:30, followed by lunch. In the afternoon, mini-reunions may be held, pictures taken, and first timers may want to tour the school.

Contact Jean Simers, 304-354-7315, if you want a room reserved for your class mini-reunion.

Alumni dues are $5.00 yearly. Dues are used for postage and Alumni Scholarship, along with other expenses.

Honor classes this year are 70th year 1949; 60th year 1959; 50th year 1969; and 40th year 1949. We need speakers from these classes for the program.

Registration fee will be $15.00 per person. We will need your reservation by June 21 in order to prepare the meals for the day. For those making reservations after June 21st, the costs will be $18.00. Reservations help us arrange seating by class for lunch.

Registrations are listed by Year - First Name - Maiden Name - Last Name

1941 Jeannette Marshall Stump

1942 Jean Kelley Miller

1944 Freda Radabaugh Yoak

1947 Louise Sturm Cheesbrew; Foster Fowler; Dortha Starling; Joann Campbell Stump

1948 Mary Mosser Slaton; Ron White; Herberg G. Hayhurst

1949 Patty Roberts Wyatt; Emogene Newell Robinson

1950 Emma Stalnaker Chenoweth; Eleanor Heiney Ciarcia; Dale Radabaugh

1951 Hoy Dobbins; Don Godfrey; Harry Newell; Juanita Heiney Reynolds; Virginia Buck

1952 Forrest Bower; Wilfred Dobbins; Virginia Hoskins Greathouse

1953 Genevieve Newell Smith; Merrell Church Strawn; Patrick Fetty; Donzel Price; Helen Carter Crouse; Perry Deweese

1954 Michael Ferrell; Donald Hathaway; David Kirby; Nina Godfrey McCartney; Monna Sampson Rice; Marvin Stemple; Emma Starcher Thorn; William Woody; Naomi Scott Hinzman; Betty Burrows Lynch; Grace Heiney Wilson

1955 Anita Gainer Jorde; Gladys Jarvis Moore; Loyd "Sonny" Wright; Arden Schartiger; Ted Schartiger; Burl Smith Jr.; Margaret Semons

1956 Steve Atkinson; Ronald Barr; Karen Snider Boles; Jerry Clayton; Golda Hoskins Hess; Virginia Ferguson Ice; Sandra Stevens Marshall; Robert Nichols; Deloras Richards Sears; Roy Shaffer; Bill Stevens; Tom Yoak

1957 Carlene Nicholas Frederick; Mary Bailess Knotts; Peggy Whytsell Stemple; James Hensley; Catherine Riddle Hupp; Charles Wilson; Janet Holliday

1958 Edsel Arnold; Joann Propst Stevens; Oren Ward; Ralph Murphy

1959 Betty Brown Arnold; Orma Stalnaker Downs; Thural Gainer; William Godfrey; Kyle Hayhurst; James Knotts; Ronald Newell; Gloria Basnett Vannoy; Paul Vannoy; Erless Barr Waldschmidt; Joann Shock Ward; Byron Witt; Mary Barnes; Shirley Deel Murphy; Sharon Siers Radabaugh; David Hathaway; Arnold Husk;

1960 Leona Fox Chandler; Ronald Ford; Betty Estep Kirby; Sharon Husk Titus; Michael Bell; Carol Starcher Crum; Paul Mollohan; Beverly Haymaker Price

1961 Ron Fleming; Ronald Rose; Gene Siers; Charles Swisher; Denver Yoak; Larry McCallister; John Roberts; David Siers; Mike Vaughan

1962 Terry D'orazio Bradley; Ellen Sampson Coen; Arletta Jarvis Conley; Sue Fleming Haymaker; Helen Robinson Keith; Lloyd Keith; Burl McCune; Mary Moore Moss; Betty Postalwait Price; Dottie Roach Rader; Burl Simers; Richard Starcher; Janet Riddle Johnson; Julia McDonald Jarvis; Frances Tawney; James Yoak

1963 David Campbell; Carolyn Lewis Heiney; Herbert Wright; Janet Schartiger Hastewell

1964 Terry Fowler; Daniel Heiney; Carolyn Stemple Kelly; John Kimble; Gary Nicholas; Colleen D'orazio Spalter; Carol Yoak Taylor; Ronald Vannoy; Patricia Siers Vannoy; Steve White; Donnie Wilson; Phyllis Houchin Evans; Karen Yoak Lewis; Janet Walker Walker; Mary Propst Wilson

1965 Wanda Dye Bryan; Denzil Dye; Joyce Ball Fitzwater; Martha Wilson Haddox; Teresa Snider Harris; Helen Morrison Irvine; Sharon Hartshorn Lynch; James Morris; Roger Propst; James Sturm; Nancy Bailess Taylor; Judy Deweese Tucker; Ronald Tucker; Carroll Weekly; Lee Evans; Buck McCumbers; Linda Sturm; James Arthur; Carolyn Sue Basnett Arthur; Larry Siers; Barbara Cottrill Smith; John Vannoy; Carroll Weekley

1966 Vivian Freed Dye; Gary Mowrey; Louise Cox Rose; Danny Schartiger; Jean Muncy Simers; Nancy Roberts Yoak; Robert Yoak; Gaylen Duskey; Newton Nichols

1967 Thomas Fluharty; Norma Cottrill Schartiger; Georgia Basnett Stalnaker; Karen Collins Yoak

1968 Susan Siera Alloway; Fred Basnett; Loretta Hathaway Propst; Robert Stalnaker; Dick Ullum; Sue Walker Swisher; Anna Lou McKee Wilson; Becky Whipkey Nichols; Lola Marks Clark

1969 Deborah Robinson Campbell; Jane Gainer Collins; Sandy Villers Fowler; Phyllis Selmon Smith; Lynda McKee Milliron; Becky Whipkey Nichols

1970 David Wilson; Deborah Siers

1971 Michael Smith; Eli Tingler; Hazel Yoak Tingler; Patty Cheesbrew McCumbers

1972 Barbara Ward Basnett; Alice Jackson Ullum; Tom Knotts

1973 James Bell; Cheryl Cheesbrew; Barbara Wilson Fluharty; Glen Siegrist

1974 Marti Wilson Conrad; Roger Hoskins; Pamela Wilson Rowley; Sharon Holbert Yeager; Shara Robinson Arison; Charlotte Robinson Siegrist

1978 Sheryl Yoak Prusack

1979 Curtis Walker

1980 Richard Cain

1982 Brian Hall

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