Minnie Hamilton Healthcare is moving on a major $1.1 million improvement to their Grantsville facility, according to CEO Steve Whited.

Among the infrastructure improvements: HVAC improvements, sidewalk improvements, hand railing for sidewalks, ADA ramp improvements, parking lot/asphalt improvements, annex building renovations for specialty clinics and outpatient services, electrical upgrades, equipment upgrades and replacement.

Total cost of the improvements is budgeted at nearly $1.1 million, with nearly 75% going to infrastructure improvements and asset improvements owned by the Calhoun Building Commission.

Whited said this project began several years ago with an application and award of a Health Infrastructure Investment Program (HIP) grant from HRSA.

"We received a $1 million dollar award that was specific to our new Grantsville facility project. However, at that same time, many Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) in WV received a distressing notice surrounding how Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) are paid, and that a huge liability was laid upon us," Whited said.

"That put a damper on building a new facility."

He said the hospital continued to battle with the State of the DSH liability, and have recently won part of the battle, mainly through a federal lawsuit that affects all DSH calculations.

Since the grant is nearing the end, and instead of losing those funds, a decision was made to write a change in scope, and ask for the funds to invest in the current facility infrastructure, as well as increase specialty services in the community.

Whited said the change in scope was approved, meeting with the Calhoun Building Commission, receiving approval to move forward with the infrastructure improvements.

"We are appreciative of the Calhoun Building Commission, our Board of Directors and staff for being supportive, and leading the way in being able to utilize these funds for the improvements that benefit our community," said Whited.

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