Calhoun County High School is proud to announce Awards Recipients from the Class of 2019 Graduating Seniors.

Promise Scholarship Recipients - Travis Blankenship, Nolan Nelson, Erika Riggs, Kaitlyn Toney, and Destiny Wager.

President’s Award for Academic Excellence - Kaitlyn Toney, Destiny Wager, Destiney Murphy, Nakia Phillips, Haley Murphy, Zane Vineyard, Emily Nichols, Houston Bennett, Bryson Montgomery, Brogan Richards, Trevor Carder, Travis Blankenship, Erika Riggs, Josey Manns, Shelby Clawson, Erica Heiney, Shyanne Morgan, Samantha Hall, Benjamin Knotts, Kathryn Baringer, Hayden Richards, Kayla Ware, and Nolan Nelson.

President’s Award for Educational Achievement - Gracie Cooper, Alexis Little, Jacob Robinson, Joshua Schoolcraft, Shaylah Wilson, Whitney Stevens, Cameron Smith, and Haley Wilson.

CTE Graphic Design Completers - Erika Riggs and Benjamin Knotts.

CTE Power and Energy Completers - Joshua Schoolcraft and Kaitlyn Toney.

Fairmont State Opportunity Scholarship - Josey Manns and Hayden Richards.

West Virginia University
Mountaineer Parents Club Student Body President Scholarship Destiney Murphy
Valedictorian or Top Scholar Award Kaitlyn Toney
Scholarship of Distinction Level 4 Destiney Murphy, Nolan Nelson, Emily Nichols, and Hayden Richards
Scholarship of Distinction Level 3 Houston Bennett, Trevor Carder, and Kaitlyn Toney
Scholarship of Distinction Level 1 Destiny Wager

Glenville State College
Homegrown Education Initiative Scholarship: Brogan Richards and Samantha Hall
Hidden Promise Scholarship: Brogan Richards, Samantha Hall, Brady Fox, Savannah Harper, Ryan Milliron, Ashley Allen, Kayla Ware, Stephen Speece, Kelly Hutchison, Gracie Cooper
Achievement Scholarship: Brady Fox, Haley Wilson, Josey Manns, Kayla Ware, Shyanne Morgan, Whitney Stevens, Ryan Milliron

Student-Specific & Local Scholarships
(Awards and Scholarships not listed above)

Kaitlyn Toney: WSAZ Best in Class, Hagan Scholarship, Marbie McCartney-Smith Memorial Scholarship, Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation, Greater Kanawha Vlley Foundation Scholarship, WV Higher Education Grant, MOU Stipend, IOGAW Scholarship, Asa Andrew Stemple Scholarship, Pell Grant

Josey Manns: Calhoun Banks Scholarship

Nakia Phillips: Drexel Ice Scholarship, Pell Grant

Erika Riggs: Moorehead State University National Deans Competitive Scholarship, Eagle Tomorrow Scholarship, A. Michael Perry Scholarship

Shyanne Morgan: Alumni Association Scholarship, J&B Drug Store Scholarship

Shaylah Wilson: Lion’s Club of Calhoun County Scholarship

Nolan Nelson: Lion’s Club of Calhoun County Scholarship, WV Higher Education Grant, Moutaineer Connection 19 Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Pell Grant

Haley Murphy: Eula Houchin Hall Kerns Memorial Scholarship, Lenore Gherke Warner Memorial Scholarship, Ethyn Miller Memorial Scholarship, HSTA Full Tuition Waiver, HSTA Scholarship, American Red Cross Scholarship, Pell Grant

Destiny Wager: Eula Houchin Hall Kerns Memorial Scholarship, Friends of Minnie Hamilton, Darrell Hashman Memorial Scholarship, HSTA Tuition Waiver, Pell Grant, WV Higher Education Grant

Haley Wilson: Cunningham-Wilson Scholarship

Destiney Murphy: Friends of Minnie Hamilton, Darrell Hashman Memorial Scholarship

Ryan Milliron: J&B Drug Store Scholarship

Ariah Bailey: Glenville State College Cheerleading Scholarship

Candace Bree Schoolcraft: WV Junior College Early Admissions Scholarship

Houston Bennet: WV Higher Education Grant, Pell Grant

Hayden Richards: WV Wesleyan Dean’s Scholarship, WV Wesleyan Grant, Ethyn Miller Memorial Scholarship

Zane Vineyard: Appalachian Opportunity Scholarship, Mary Baldwin University Scholarship, MBU Grant, Promise Scholarship

Ashley Allen: Pell Grant

Kelly Hutchison: Pell Grant

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