Cadets check out the plane they will be flying

Kat Toney (left) and Jocey Cutshall ready to fly the plane

Submitted by Jackie Blankenship

Calhoun County Civil Air Patrol Cadets are youth 12 and up that are interested in Aerospace and other areas.

The Calhoun Squadron youth have each received 1 hour of flying a plane under the supervision of West Virginia's Wing Commander Col. Paul McCroskey (right).

What an amazing experience for youth. These young Cadets can obtain a pilots license by their 16th birthday if they are willing to put in the hours to obtain this degree.

Civil Air Patrol membership does not mean you are committed to joining the Air Force as an older youth. The opportunities are endless and there is no obligation to join the military.

Cadets are young leaders who think seriously about their futures. They may not yet know exactly what they want to do in adult life, but they're 'test-flying' potential career interests.

Cadets prepare to take plane controls over Calhoun County

Bradyn Toney flying off into the wild blue yonder

Cadets take aerial photos of the county from the plane

The core cadet curricula are those tasks every cadet is required to complete along his or her journey to the Spaatz Award, the Civil Air Patrol's highest cadet honor. It is presented to cadets who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, character, fitness, and aerospace education. The Spaatz Award is named in honor of Carl "Tooey" Spaatz, the first Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. Cadets accomplish these mostly during weekly squadron meetings, special "Saturday" activities, and encampments.

The real fun in cadet life is in the special activities or electives. Beyond the core curriculum, cadets have opportunities to follow their own interests and explore potential careers. The higher a cadet advances in cadet grade, the greater breadth of opportunities become available. Electives are mostly experienced as weekend and summer programs.

Civil Air Patrol - Auxiliary of the United States Air Force - Calhoun Squadron WV-016 meets every Tuesday evening from 6-8 p.m.

CAP members participate in Search and Rescue missions - training and actual missions. To date 155 people have been saved through the efforts of Civil Air Patrol.

Civil Air Patrol is for adults also - to get more information about CAP please contact any Civil Air Patrol member or call 304-354-6130 and leave a message.

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