Submitted by Jessi Cosgrove, Director

Saturday spectators filled the armory in Spencer to see Route 33 Wrestling's "School Yard Throwdown," a pro wrestling event and school supply drive.

A grand total of 660 various school supplies were collected and will be donated to various schools in the area.

Ring Announcer was Nick Stevens.

Match 1 - "The Hawaiian Hurricane" King Kaluha vs. John D. Crazy Hillbilly - King Kaluha got the three count after executing a brutal running back breaker on John D. Crazy Hillbilly. Winner: King Kaluha, at 12 minutes, 47 seconds.

Match 2 - Team Flashpoint vs. Patrick James and "The Loverboy" Terrence Morelli - After "The Loverboy" Terrence Morelli took a superkick from Chase Ryan and a destructive F5 from Jimmy Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit pinned Morelli, giving Team Flashpoint the win, despite Patrick James's best efforts to break up the pin. Winners: Team Flashpoint, at 10 minutes, 27 seconds.

Match 3 - Tommy Forte vs. Randy The Rowdy Hillbilly - The lovable hillbilly took the win after sending Forte crashing and burning with a devastating jackhammer. Winner: Randy the Rowdy Hillbilly, at 9 minutes, 5 seconds.

Match 4 - "Gorgeous" Morgan Taylor vs. The British Brawler - The British Brawler reversed Taylor's "Gorgeous Drop," pushed Taylor face first into the bare turnbuckle, and followed with a cataclysmic spear, allowing him to pin the "Massachusetts Metrosexual." Winner: The British Brawler, at 8 minutes, 17 seconds.

Match 5 - Mike Lupin & Wicked Will vs. The American Outlaws - After Bryan Blade delivered a devastating atomic drop to Mike Lupin, Wicked Will looked hopelessly from the apron as Blade and "The Mercenary" Jim Daily executed The Shock and Awe, allowing Blade to get the pinfall. Winners: The American Outlaws, at 12 minutes, 1 second.

Match 6 (MAIN EVENT FOR THE ROUTE 33 WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP) - Mongo (c) vs. "Mr. Five Star" Gary Gandy - Mongo executed a flawless Super Jake (top rope hung DDT), and went for the pin. Gandy grabbed the rope, stopping the count at two, and proceeded to roll out of the ring. Mongo pursued Gandy and managed to roll him back into the ring. As Mongo attempted to reenter the ring, Gandy kicked the ropes into Mongo's groin. Gandy then executed a devastating Ego Trip (rope hung whiplash neck breaker) and went for the pin. Referee Johnny Long stopped the count due to a rope break. Gandy then brutally attacked the referee with a superkick, sending the referee crashing to the floor outside the ring. Gandy gave Mongo a second Ego Trip, and after Referee Nathan Wolfe rushed to the ring, Gandy gained the pinfall victory, becoming the new Route 33 Wrestling Champion. Winner: "Mr. Five Star" Gary Gandy, at 15 minutes, 8 seconds.

Route 33 Wrestling would like to thank the following people for their help in making "School Yard Throwdown" a success: The City of Spencer, Mayor Terry Williams, Mark Pauley, The Calhoun Cabaret, Dan Cosgrove, Mercy Roberts, Jessie Fischer, Jon Collins, Bob Weaver-The Hur Herald, Donna May and WVRC, the Calhoun Chronicle, The Roane County Reporter, The Trader's Guide, and the Premier Wrestling Alliance.

Special thanks go to John Allen and his family for their relentless dedication to the professional wrestling industry.

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