By Alvin Engelke

There will be a benefit auction Saturday March 3, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. There will be all kinds of goodies, along with grab bags, 50/50, yummy cheese and all the fixins which include lots of friends, visiting and just having a good time. Proceeds go to keep the building going. Everyone is welcome.

Although Thursday turned off to snow for a while it seems like spring weather is in the area. There are hundreds of robins, some buzzards and other feathered friends who have been in the sunny south. Spade footed toads and spring peepers have been singing and the Asiatic beetles (government ladybugs) have been trying to get out of peoples homes. Hairy bittercress is in bloom at the Ward ODell residence, a sort of welcome to Ward Jr. who was visiting there. Mrs. Spock also noted that she had crocuses that were in bloom.

Those who savor wild turkey meat have noted many fine, sleek gobblers as well as large flocks of the birds. There was an impressive gathering of turkeys the other evening down on the old Clark farm.

Charles and Euell Russell were consulting with their physician at Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center.

Heavy trucking and the spring thaw continue to destroy area roads. Some hope that the legislature would enact a "frost law" to protect the highways but the folks down at the mouth of Elk River seem more intent on looking after their friends that have gambling machines and taxing snuff and chewing tobacco.

S. R. Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Lynch & Mrs. R. W. Arthur were all attending to business in Elizabeth. S. R., the areas youngest 90+ resident, drove to town himself.

It was learned that the costs to repair "the vandalism" inflicted on the White House by the former occupants is costing $10,000/day. Since each telephone was programmed for specific locations and the reference markings were destroyed and head sets were moved around it has become a major and expensive puzzle to repair. Speaking of those folks it now seems that putting a mere two hundred thou in a secret offshore account would spring an ordinary fellow, especially if the envelopes were passed by the correct woman.

The piling work at the Burning Springs park is scheduled to get underway this week.

Grant Woodring, a native of Burning Springs, passed away. Burial was in the Rector Cemetery.

Rev. Bob Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. He will be preaching there on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, starting at 9:30 A. M.

Nancy Hall was consulting her physician.
Hallie Cunningham has been on the sick list.
Charles Russell was among those calling on Dorothy Graham.

Ron Lynch who lives in Norfolk, Virginia wrote to say that he reads the Creston News and specifically likes to read about those who feel strongly about the rights given by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It might be noted that the Falun Gong members and Christians who are being tortured and killed in China do not have the right to protect themselves from an oppressive government. The same was true for the Jews and others killed by Hitler and Stalin in Europe not so long back.

It was reported that Columbia Natural Resources deep discovery well has now started to make some hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) and a scrubber has been installed. The Epling well is now on line and it would seem that they are experimenting to see how fast they can blow them down. A spokesperson for the company said that they estimated reserves of 5 billion cubic feet for each well.

There is lots more seismic testing going on in area and other counties as more and more companies look to find locations to drill deep wells. One county official noted that two deep wells are already planned in Wirt County with the first scheduled on Deavers Fork.

Mr. Pegulas East Resources (which purchased the old Pennzoil leases) is busy drilling at Brohard. Pegulas spokespeople indicate he is financed by Bill Gates. Some of the Pegula people are reported to be a little lacking in tact dealing with surface owners when making new locations.

Haessleys have started logging on the Jerry dePue property (the old Smith farm) at the head of Little Two Runs.

Freddie Bush was attending to business in Creston over the weekend.

Auction Saturday March 3, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Tools, miscellaneous, cheese, pepperoni, grab bags, etc. Bobby Ray Starcher 890-01. Details, contact Donna Sue at 275-3202.

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