WSAZ-TV - A man has been charged after making personal purchases from four different organizations.

Travis Cullen, 31, of Letart, is charged with 35 counts of fraudulent or unauthorized used of a purchasing card and two counts of embezzlement.

According to the criminal complaint, Cullen made numerous purchases using money from the Roane County Commission, Roane County Solid Waste Authority, Roane County Farmer's Market and Tri-County Partnership.

The investigation started in March after Cullen, a WVU extension agent, wrote a check for $1,000 to the Roane County Commission that was returned for non-sufficient funds.

It was discovered that Cullen had used a purchasing card for the extension office to make purchases for extension office and Roane County Solid Waste Authority, of which Cullen was the president.

According to the criminal complaint, Cullen made personal purchases with the P-card and had been allowed to make reimbursements to the county each month.

It's specifically outlined in the Roane Co. Commission Purchasing Card Procedures Handbook that the P-card may not be used to make personal or non-county purchases.

Deputies received records for the P-card up to August 2016, which was the last month the county had been reimbursed for the personal purchases.

Emails were sent to Cullen, telling him the P-card would be shut off and that he needed to make arrangements to pay the Commission the amount he owed.

During the investigation, it was discovered Cullen had not only been making personal purchases with the P-card, but he had also been making personal purchases and noting them as Solid Waste Authority or Extension Office expenditures.

According to the criminal complaint, Cullen went as far as changing invoices that were personal to make them appear as legitimate transactions for the Solid Waste Authority.

Cullen was also the treasurer of the Tri-County Partnership, a non-profit organization that secured grant funding for various projects.

According to the criminal complaint, Cullen attempted to reimburse the West Virginia Department of Agriculture from the Tri-County Partnership account.

According to the criminal complaint, the Solid Waste Authority discovered transactions made in January and February of 2017 by Cullen were fraudulent.

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