6/10/2017 - Grantsville's Foodland, the only supermarket in Calhoun, continues to have a bare shelves problem, with the problem also affecting other Foodland Stores owned by Facemire Foods.

The company says they intend to have a delivery of food and products to the Grantsville store in a few days.

The lack of stock problem surfaced in January, 2016, and has continued to be intermittent since that time.

Local residents have expressed fear that the store will close.


10/20/2016 - The Charleston Gazette Mail was in Grantsville Thursday at the county's only supermarket - Foodland.

A reporter was interviewing customers regarding the stores shelves going bare.

10/18/2016 - Corey Facemire, Vice President of Facemire Foods Inc. told the Hur Herald Tuesday that the company is looking at changes with Foodland outlets, including the stores in Grantsville and Glenville.

Foodland customers have reported that food shelves are going bare in the stores, expressing concern for the future of the Grantsville outlet, the only supermarket in Calhoun.

"Our supplier and franchisor SuperValu is undergoing some changes, changes that include examining the future for the Foodland program," said Facemire.

SuperValu just announced the sale of their grocery chain Save-A-Lot.

"In regard to the Foodland franchise, they are looking at different routes, that include but not limited to keeping the Foodland program continuing, or converting current Foodland stores to Shoppers Value Foods or Shop-N-Save stores."

"This transition along with current economic conditions in our state, as well as a new Wal-Mart in our current trade area, have compiled to adversely effect Facemire Foods as a company."

"While I in no way expect our customers in Grantsville and our other locations such as Glenville, to be understanding of this situation or current store conditions, it is important for them to know I greatly appreciate their patience and their loyalty through these times," Facemire said.

He said that Facemire Foods Inc. and SuperValu have came to a tentative agreement to continue to supply and grow the Foodland brand in our areas.

"At this moment, I do not have an exact timeline for when the final details of the agreement will be hammered out, however, I feel strongly that the deal will be completed in the coming weeks and the folks in and around Grantsville and Glenville will see their store go back to normal," said Facemire.

"I cannot stress enough my appreciation for the folks in Grantsville and Glenville and their support over the many years of the life of those stores. While we have just hit a pothole in the road, smoother roads are ahead," Facemire concluded.


2-05-2016 - Rumors and posts on social media have reported the impending closure or sale of Grantsville's Foodland, owned by Facemire Foods in Gassaway.

The latest rumor has the business being sold to Shoppers Value. Steve Ferrell, General Manager of Facemire Foods, says there is no truth in the Facebook and social media rumors, and that the store will continue doing business as usual.

Ferrell said the store will continue to provide the high level of service to the Calhoun community.

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