About a year ago a friend gave me a treasured gift
It was the internet address of the Hur Herald
I had never heard of it before that day to my loss
But I have visited almost every day since

I have been captivated by the wonderful stories
Of the people, the places and their lives
Real people who rose above harsh circumstances
To build a life, a family and to place their trust in God

The stories of your families and your ancestors
Inspire and encourage those of us struggling today
Our world is harsh and unforgiving not unlike theirs
Yet when I read of their courage and fortitude I rejoice

Those wonderful stories have given me pride and hope
And yet, far too soon, this source of encouragement must end
We shall lose this connection to our roots and heritage
The Hur Herald will cease to be a part of our daily lives

What a vision it took to put together a news source
Originated from a place no one outside Hur's town limits
Had heard of or who would have thought it newsworthy
Yet its' articles and stories reached beyond our country's borders

Even in a world where nothing seems to have value
There are people such as I who yearn for deeper meaning
Sacrifice is unheard of these days of the "me" generation
But, for some, there is honor in the stories of these heroes

I hope that we will somehow still be able to visit again
The front porches of these pioneers who gave so much
With so much yet to offer those of us who will learn from them
Our country needs their strength and fortitude of heart

Thank you, to the publishers , for this unique and talented gift
I grieve to say goodbye to the richness of history we will lose
You have left a legacy that I hope people will still seek, and
May the road rise up to meet you and may the wind be always at your back.

- Juanita Morris Hawkins, Florida

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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