Update - State media is now reporting that the WVDNR is now investigating an incident related to the shooting of a Robo dummy deer by a West Virginia State Policeman First Sgt. A. D. Nichols.

Nichols, a Clay County native, was hunting in the area, when the incident happened.

Nichols allegedly was not arrested by WVDNR officers at the time of the shooting, but then reportedly moved to file charges after the officer bragged about the incident on his Facebook page.

11/29/2016 - A West Virginia State Policemen has reportedly been charged with a hunting violation in Clay County and put on leave by the agency.

"The West Virginia State Police is aware of a hunting related incident involving First Sergeant A. D. Nichols and another individual which occurred on November 23," said Public Information Officer Michael Baylous.

Baylous said the agency has begun an internal investigation of Sgt. Nichols' offense, saying the West Virginia Natural Resources Police will investigate any potential hunting violations which may have occurred and West Virginia State Police will not be commenting further about the incident.

Clay County sources have reported that Nichols allegedly shot a dummy robo deer placed in a rural area near Clay, such devices reportedly used to catch spot lighters.

Those sources said the officer reportedly shot the dummy deer but was not immediately arrested by DNR officers, although the changes were reportedly being filed later after Nichols reportedly bragged about the incident on Facebook.

The Herald attempted to confirm the incident with the WVDNR, who said they had no documentation or records regarding the incident.

DNR Director Robert Fala said, "Inquiries to staff and a search of our systems show that no such records exist as of this date."

Sgt. Nichols, a Clay County native, had a number of internal investigations related to citizen complaints while stationed in Wirt County, and was later struck by a shoplifter's car in Kanawha County, causing him to become partially disabled.

He is currently assigned to the Planning and Research Section of the West Virginia State Police in South Charleston.

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