The Magistrate Report contains information released by the Magistrate Court under public information laws. The names of minors are withheld by the court if they have been declared "juvenile cases," otherwise they are released. Newspapers and media under First Amendment constitutional law, can print all names and ages if they choose, although most develop policies related to the protection of victimized minors. The Herald generally does not print the names of individuals who have not been served warrants, a request to the local Magistrate Court by the West Virginia State Police. The Herald, by policy, does not print single worthless checks, but does publish names linked to multiple worthless checks. Further questions about the Magistrate Report will be answered if request is submitted in writing to The Hur Herald.


Jeffrey A. Jarvis, DUI 3rd. offense on 12/10/02, by State Police. Arrested, bonded $5,000


Eddie Lee Ackley, Tampering with a motor vehicle on 11/19/02, by State Police. No contest plea, assesed fine and court cost

Larry L. Caddell, Illegal possession of wildlife/3 counts, conspiracy to violate chapter on 11/27/02, by DNR. Assessed and paid fine and court cost

George N. Parsons, Domestic assault/3 counts, Domestic battery/3 counts, Brandishing/3 counts on 12/5/02, by State Police Trooper Fred Hammack. Arrested, $3,000 bond, Pre-trial to be scheduled.


Jeremy D. Caddell, Procuring license violation/ illegal possession of wildlife on 12/3/02, by DNR. Assessed and paid cost and fines

Brian Adam Carter, DUI, Failure to keep right, on 12/21/02, by State Police. Plea set for 1/21/03

Michael L. Conley, Failure to check a deer, on 11/26/02, by DNR. Motion to dismiss, filed
Michael L. Conley, Violating hunting regulations, on 12/7/02, by DNR. Assessed and paid cost and fine

Shirley Lee Conley, Illegal possession of wildlife/failure to check deer, on 12/6/02, by DNR. Assessed and paid cost and fine
Shirley Lee Conley, Hunting from the road/illegal killing of deer/illegal possession of wildlife, on 12/7/02, by DNR. Motion to dismiss filed

William Joseph Freas, Driving on suspended or revoked license/left of center, on 12/2/02, by DNR. Pending

Matthew David Jeffrey, Game and firearm violation on 11/29/02, by DNR. Pending

Kevin J. Kight, Hunting without license/illegal kill, on 11/26/02, by DNR. Telephone assessed replacemnt cost $200, paid in full

Sharletta McCormick, Providing alcohol to a minor, on 11/27/02, by State Police. No contest plea, assessed and paid fine and cost

Jason Paul Metz, Providing alcohol to a minor, on 11/26/02, by State Police. Guilty plea, assessed and paid fine and cost

Michael Fred Morris, reckless driving/no proof of insurance, on 12/3/02, by County Sheriff's Department. Pending

Shaun P. Mulvihill, Procuring license violation/illegal possession of wildlife, on 11/27/02, by DNR. Assessed and paid fine and cost

Matthew Pitco, Failure to field tag, on 11/ 26/02, by DNR. Telephone assessed and paid fine and cost

Richard H. Rader, Hunting on lands of another/illegal possession of wildlife, on 11/28/02, by DNR. Assessed and paid fine and cost

Charles R. Richards, Illegal burning of refuse, on 12/16/02, by DNR. Pending

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