UPDATE 10/27 - Clay Middle School and Spencer Middle School faced each other during a game on Oct. 20. Some Clay parents had claimed that Clay athletes were stabbed by Spencer players with pencils, but a state official says there is no evidence to support those allegations.

The official said no evidence has been found to support allegations made by some Clay County Middle School parents that Spencer Middle School athletes used pencils to harm Clay players during a football game.

Bernie Dolan, executive director of the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission, said Thursday officials could not find anything to prove pencils caused the injuries during the Oct. 20 game.

Some upset Clay parents said their sons had suffered visible cuts and gashes, and they took pictures of the injuries.

Dolan said officials reviewed the photos and were not able to determine how the cuts happened. Dolan said it was indicated to the referees when the teams took a break for bad weather, and the referees looked into it.

They concluded the cause may have been from an arm sleeve with plays on it that had become frayed so they had the player take it off and to their knowledge there weren't any more incidents.

CLAY COUNTY, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) 10/22 Clay County Middle School parents claim some of their children were stabbed with pencils during a football game against Spencer Middle School Thursday night.

A fun night of playing football became dangerous for some players and even more frustrating for parents.

"I was very angry," Michelle Casto said. Her son, Colton, plays on the Clay County Middle School team. She is one of many upset parents after their kids claimed Spencer Middle School players were stabbing them with pencils during the game between the schools.

"They had pencils out in the field stabbing us with them and stuff," Colton Casto, who plays on Clay County Middle School's football team, said.

He was one of several Clay County Middle School players who sustained injuries but nothing serious. There were some visible scratches and gashes.

Michelle Casto said they found a pencil on the sideline after the game. She also said the referees were told something was going on during the game. "They were informed at halftime that the boys was getting stabbed and our coaches talked to them and they didn't do anything about it," Casto said.

"We were pretty mad about it because the refs didn't do anything about it and they did it through 4th quarter and stuff. We were pretty mad," Colton Casto said.

After an undefeated season, Clay lost the game and their chance to go to the championship but parents said they're not upset about the loss. They just want to know why nothing was done about the alleged pencil stabbings.

"My biggest concern would be the lack of the safety of our children," Amanda Shelton, who is a parent of a Clay County Middle School football player, said. "If that accusation is being made then investigate that, stop the game until you find out for sure."

"It's not fair that they had to stab the boys with a pencil just to get a touchdown or the refs wouldn't do their job," Michelle Casto said.

Now parents want to see some action taken.

"My opinion, I think they should be disqualified," Michelle Casto said.

Officials from Roane County and Clay County school districts are working together to figure out exactly what happened.

"I believe their position is just like mine. No one wants this to happen and it will be treated very seriously," Anita Stevenson, the principal of Clay County Middle School, said.

The principal of Spencer Middle School, Jackie Durst, said they will continue to investigate the claims and keep Clay County School officials in the loop.

No word on what actions will be taken. Right now, they're working to find out if this incident occurred.

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