By Bob Weaver

(L to R) Cynthia Cooper, WorldCom;
Coleen Rowley, FBI; and Sherron Watkins, Enron

Time magazine has named three women as their "Persons of the Year." Time said "These were ordinary people who did not wait for higher authorities to do what needed to be done...They took huge professional and personal risks."

In a time when dozens and dozens of government regulatory agencies have oversight over everything from bank transactions to the amount of chocolate in candy bars, we think the biggest story in 2002 is the multi-billion dollar assault on the pocketbooks, the retirement programs, the jobs of working Americans and the bank accounts of small businessman.

The problems with the FBI is quite a flap, equally distressing as J. Edgar Hoover sitting in his cross dressed finery and making lists of innocent American citizens who were "suspicious evildoers." FBI failure continues, and a whisteblower named Coleen Rowley enlightened us.

It took two more women, Cynthia Cooper and Sherron Watkins, not Congress, not the Executive Branch, not the myriad of agencies, to whistle blow and bring the Enron and World.com madness to light.

It became evident the "re-writing" of the rules by elected officials, or their head-turning, was much a part of the scandal.

It was the grandest of all white collar crimes - theft across the board - concocted and acted upon by corporate America, their money handlers, accountants and stockbrokers.

The nation has been shafted by other white collar thugs, who more often than not stole from each other. This time the crooks preyed on lots of folks, mostly the defenseless who lost everything

The liberal press, often accused of attacking big business, generally lost interest in the story, or it was lost in the middle of the "War on Terrorism" and the evil doers in the middle east.

There will be a few corporate fall guys for political cover. By the way, where are all those billions, right now, really?

But now we honor these women for their heroism in 2002.

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