Two Calhoun men have been charged over the weekend and incarcerated, according to court documents.

Six charges have been filed against Grantsville businessman Thomas C. Ullum, 63, by Calhoun's two magistrates Lora Davis and Rick Postalwait.

A long-time Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department member, Stephen A. Heath, 56, has been charged with the solicitation of a minor in Ritchie County by Trooper A. Pringle. He is in North Central Regional Jail with bond set at $30,000.

According to criminal complaints, Thomas Ullum has been charged with assault, willful disruption of a government process, and harassment. He is in Central Regional Jail with bond set at $31,500.

Calhoun County commissioners, earlier in August, filed charges against Ullum for willful disruption of a county commission meeting. 911/OES Directory Kathy Wood has said that Ullum crossed the threshold harassing her, in-person and by phone.


In a criminal complaint taken from magistrate Davis, she describes multiple encounters with Ullum in her office or by phone, where Ullum questions her about office hours and lunch breaks, with Ullum stating "You do not want to be on my bad side."

The complaint describes a phone call between Davis and Ullum, when an agitated Ullum said, "If you f--k with me, I will f--k with you," also referring to her as "stupid" and other degrading statements.

Davis, in the complaint, describes receiving another phone call from Ullum, when "during this conversation she could not understand what the accused was saying and his speech was very slurred.

The complaint goes on to say that Ullum had been demanding during official civil cases, telling Davis what she is going to do, and when she would not comply with his wishes, he made a motion to recuse her because of a previous verbal altercation.

In charges filed by Magistrate Postalwait, the complaint alleges Ullum was being belligerent and unhappy with the handling of a case.

During an incident the complaint says Ullum was creating problems and was asked to leave the magistrate office, with Ullum challenging the magistrate aggressively and refusing to leave, saying "We should take this outside big boy." Ullum was removed by Trooper D. C. Moore.

Both magistrates Davis and Postalwait indicate Ullum has created emotional and mental distress for themselves, related to Ullum's behavior.

Calhoun magistrates and prosecutor Shannon Johnson have recused themselves from hearing the misdemeanor cases, related to previous conflicts.

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