By Bob Weaver

Calhoun Schools released the raw data with the preliminary results of the 2016 West Virginia General Summative Assessment that state students took during spring 2016.

While statewide results showed low proficiency in all categories, with some small improvement noted, Arnoldsburg School was the only county school that exceeded the state's proficiency average, with Pleasant Hill School exceeding the state average in science.

Calhoun Middle High School fell under the state averages in math, English language arts and science, with 5th graders showing a dismal 10% proficiency in math.

Superintendent of Schools Tim Woodward presented the data to the Calhoun Board of Education Monday night.

Woodward said, "Understand this data does not reflect any overall student growth, individual student growth, or sub-group growth. That information will not be released until November at the earliest."

The data reflects all students who took the test in Calhoun and in the state of WV and how many many students reached the state proficiency cut score, he said.

State Superintendent Michael J. Martirano said he was more concerned with what the data shows about student efforts in taking the tests, falling dramatically for middle and high school students.

"Data shows us that the students in the elementary schools in West Virginia spent more time on the test than students in middle school and high school students," Martirano said.

"In grade eleven, students spent only 196 minutes on the test versus the estimated time of completion, which is 450 minutes. That says something regarding effort," he said.

The small amount of time taking the test was "alarming."

Superintendent Woodward said the early number of registered students in Calhoun is 1,025, but that does not include four classes of pre-school students.



Grade 4

English Language Arts 43% (State Average 48%)

Math 37% (State Average 41%)

Science 40% (State Average 32%)

Grade 3

English Language Arts 60% (State Average 48%)

Math 44% (State Average 50%}


Grade 3

English Language Arts 65% (State Average 48%)

Math 50% (State Average 50%)

Grade 4

English Language Arts 73% (State Average 48%)

Math 59% (State Average 41%)

Science 49% (32% State Average)


English Language Arts:

Grade 5 33% (State Average 51%)

Grade 6 24% (State Average 46%)

Grade 7 40% (State Average 48%)

Grade 8 23% (State Average 47%)

Grade 9 35% (State Average 41%)

Grade 10 25% (State Average 44%)

Grade 11 48% (State Average 49%)


Grade 5 10% (State Average 33%)

Grade 6 22% (State Average 29%)

Grade 7 12% (State Average 30%)

Grade 8 16% (State Average 27%)

Grade 9 13% (State Average 20%)

Grade 10 14% (State Average 19%)

Grade 11 19% (State Average 21%)


Grade 6 27% (State Average 39%)

Grade 10 30% (State Average 36%)

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