November 21, 2017 - Judge Anita Ashley held Circuit Court in Calhoun County today regarding the murder of Lewis Bartlett III, 37, who was shot to death on Hardman Fork in July, 2016.

Alex Dunn appeared and entered a No Contest plea to Second Degree Murder, a Felony, and Attempt to Commit Kidnapping, a Felony. He will be sentenced on January 18, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., according to Prosecutor Shannon Johnson.

Alicia Walker appeared and entered a No Contest plea to Attempt to Commit Kidnapping without injury, a Felony. She will be sentenced on January 18, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

Joshua Downey, Roane County Prosecutor was appointed to act as a Special Assistant Prosecuting Attorney with this case, appeared along with Shannon Johnson, Calhoun County Prosecuting Attorney.

DOWLER AND ANDERSON PLEAD IN CALHOUN MURDER - Bartlett Killed In 2016, Murder Trails Set For December

11/3/2017 - Hearings in a 2016 Calhoun murder were held this week in Grantsville, the Calhoun Circuit Court with Judge Anita Ashley presiding.

Calhoun prosecutor Shannon Johnson said pre-trial hearings are set for December 19 for Adam Miller, Alica Walker, and Alex Dunn in the murder of Lewis Bartlett III, 37, who was shot to death on Hardman Fork in July, 2016.

Another pre-trial hearing is set for November 21st.

Johnson said Trudy Dowler pled to Conspiracy to Commit Robbery in the First Degree, a felony, and Derryl Anderson pled to Concealment of a Deceased Human Body, a felony, during court this week.

Judge Anita Ashley continued their sentencings until the trial on December 19.

Bartlett had left his associates on Hardman Fork to return later and be shot. Officials did not release a motive for his murder, but drugs appeared to be involved.

8/12/2017 - Following an Aug. 1 appearance in Calhoun Circuit Court, five people charged in the murder of Lewis Bartlett III, 37, on Hardman Fork, pre-trial hearings have been set for Sept. 14, with no date for trials yet, according to prosecutor Shannon Johnson.

FIVE SET FOR TRIAL: 2016 CALHOUN HARDMAN FORK MURDER OF LEWIS BARTLETT III - Charges Range From Murder, Robbery, Kidnapping To Conspiracy, Malicious Assault

July 27, 2017 - Five individuals have been indicted on multiple charges in the July 22, 2016 death of Lewis Bartlett III, 37, of Parkersburg, whose body was discovered along a remote road, Hardman Fork in Calhoun County.

Calhoun Prosecutor Shannon Johnson said Alex Dunn, Derryl Anderson, Trudy Dowler, and Alicia Walker were indicted for Murder, Robbery in the First Degree, and two counts of Conspiracy.

Alex Dunn, Alicia Walker, and Adam Miller were indicted for Kidnaping, Malicious Assault, Burglary, and three counts of Conspiracy.

The subjects were indicted and set trial on August 1st.


CHARGED (left to right): Derryl Anderson, Trudy Ellen
Dowler, Alisha Dawn Walker, Alex Justin Dunn

By Bob Weaver

UPDATE 7/28/2016 - West Virginia State Police have charged four people in a drug-related robbery-murder that happened on Hardman Fork in Calhoun County on July 22.

It is a tangled web involving drugs, deception, kidnapping, torture, robbery and murder.

State Police, in a complaint, said the alleged trigger-man was Alex Dunn, 27; Derryl Anderson, 52; Alisha Dawn Walker, 26, and Trudy Ellen Dowler, 38, are charged with murder in the first degree among other charges in the death of Lewis Bartlett III, 37, of Parkersburg.

Most of the individuals linked to the incident are Wood County residents.

Police said he was shot four times, reports said in the back with a small .22 caliber revolver.

Bartlett had been one of the suspects in the kidnapping of Josh Shrader earlier in the day, according to a criminal complaint.

The group, along with Bartlett, traveled to Calhoun County to get meth and money that Bartlett had reportedly hidden on Hardman Fork.,

When they found the meth, Dunn allegedly shot Bartlett in the back and head, says the complaint.

Anderson is then accused of stealing meth, along with a gun Bartlett had in his waistband.

After the shooting, everyone fled, leaving Bartlett to die in the ditch.

Troopers said Shrader was allegedly abducted and tortured in an effort to locate Walker's missing Jeep, but Shrader escaped to a neighbor's house.

Shrader, according to a criminal complaint, likely led the group of people to the Hughes Farm on Hardman Fork, indicating a vehicle was located there.

The criminal complaint indicated drugs were hidden out of concern police might show up.

Police said the methamphetamine and cash were retrieved.

Reports indicate about seven individuals came to the remote area of Calhoun, involved in the incident.


7/28/2016 - Funeral services are set for Saturday in Parkersburg for 37-year-old Lewis Bartlett, III, of Parkersburg, a man who was reportedly murdered on Hardman Fork in Calhoun County on July 22.

So far, West Virginia State Police have not confirmed the murder or the name of the victim, while unconfirmed details appeared on the Hur Herald. The only other outlet to report on the bizarre incident was WTAP-TV, who did issue a report Wednesday, July 27.

It is the third Calhoun-connected murder that was not reported in local media other than the Hur Herald.

WTAP-TV, Parkersburg (7/28/2016) - A Parkersburg man was found dead on the side of a road in Calhoun County.

37-year-old Lewis Bartlett, III, of Parkersburg, was found dead Friday on the side of a Calhoun County road.

Bartlett's father, Lewis Bartlett, Jr. tells us he was shot in the back four times.

Our calls Wednesday to West Virginia State Police about this incident were not returned.

According to a criminal complaint, Bartlett was among the suspects in a kidnapping and beating that happened Friday in Calhoun County.

Read Bartlett's obituary on the WTAP-TV website.


7/27/2016 - Police have yet to confirm the identity of the body of a man found along a Hardman Fork, a rural secondary highway between Rowels Run and Little Creek in Calhoun on July 23.

Sources have identified the murdered man as Lewis Maurell Bartlett III, 37, of Parkersburg (left), originally from Washington State, but no positive identification has been confirmed.

Bartlett, according to a criminal complaint filed by the State Police, was accompanying four other individuals, all who have been incarcerated, including the alleged victim of torturing. (See earlier story)

Bartlett had reportedly been incarcerated in North Central Regional Jail, reportedly on assault charges, in Dec. 2015.

His body was taken to the West Virginia Medical Examiners Office.


By Bob Weaver

UPDATE 7/25/2016 - State Police have arrested a trio on kidnapping, burglary and conspiracy to commit felony charges, related to bizarre events that included an apparent murder, occurring July 22 on Hardman Fork in Calhoun County.

The arrests followed Joshua Darwin Shrader, 37, a Wirt County resident, fleeing to a Hardman Fork residence early Friday claiming he had been kidnapped and tortured.

Shrader was taken to a Parkersburg hospital for treatment of wounds, but was then incarcerated in North Central Regional Jail on a capias warrant for failure to appear in Wirt County. (See photos below)

Senior Trooper D. C. Moore of the Grantsville Detachment arrested the trio, including Alex Justin Dunn, 27, of Parkersburg, Adam Michael Miller, 24, of Walker and Alisha Dawn Walker of Parkersburg. They are in Central Regional Jail. (See photos below)

A man going berry picking discovered the body of what was reported to be the body of Lewis Maurell Bartlett III, 37, of Parkersburg, Saturday morning on Ace Haney Hill, Hardman Fork.

Authorities have not yet confirmed the murder victim, but sources at the scene reported he had been shot in the back of the head twice and twice in the back, his body close to the highway.

Neighbors reported hearing four gunshots about 8:30 p.m. Friday.

State Police, in a criminal complaint, said Shrader had been kidnapped and beaten by four individuals, with the deceased murder victim among the foursome.

Shrader said he had been picked up by the individuals in the Wood County area, the complaint saying that Shrader indicated they "would cut him with a switchblade knife and burn him with a blow torch lighter until he told him what they wanted to hear."

Shrader had injuries to his head, wounds, and knocked out teeth, with police saying his injuries matched his description related to the incident. Sources at the scene he had cords or belts, indicating he had been bound.

Shrader told police that the individuals were looking for a red Jeep Liberty, and that he led them to the Hughes property where it was supposedly located, according to the complaint.

The individuals broke into an unoccupied house on the Hughes property.

State Police are continuing their investigation into the murder and related incidents.

HARDMAN FORK MURDER VICTIM REPORTEDLY SHOT FOUR TIMES - Police Continue To Make Arrests, Alleged Kidnapping, Torture, Burglary

(L-R) Joshua Shrader, Adam Miller, Alex Dunn, Alisha Walker

UPDATE 7/24/2016 - State Police in Calhoun have arrested Alex Justin Dunn, 27, on charges related to Friday's incidents on Hardman Fork that involves the murder of a man, kidnapping, burglary and alleged torture.

Dunn is in North Central Regional Jail charged with kidnapping, burglary and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Also charged is Alisha Dawn Walker, 26, also in North Central Regional Jail. She is charged with kidnapping, burglary and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Reports indicate the murder victim has been identified as Lewis (Louis) Bartlett, his body was found on Ace Haney Hill Saturday morning.

Police are continuing to investigate the murder and incidents involving a number of individuals.


UPDATE 7/23/16 - Sources at the scene of a young male's body discovered Saturday morning on Hardman Fork, Ace Haney Hill, was reportedly shot four times, twice in the head and twice in the back.

State Police have not released official information about the incident.

Sources at the scene identified the murder victim as Lewis (Louis) Bartlett, indicating he was originally from Texas, not confirmed by officials.

The WV State Police Crime Lab was called to the scene and the body was removed to the state medical examiners office.

Neighbors told the Herald they heard four gunshots about 8:30 p.m. Friday night.

Alleged torture victim, Joshua Shrader
seeking help at residence near the scene (Submitted Photo)

The alleged victim of torture that was reported Friday, Joshua Darwin Shrader, 37, (shown left) is in North Central Regional Jail on a capias warrant for failure to appear. Shrader has been a resident of Wirt County. (See earlier story)

Shrader showed up at a neighbors house Friday, partially tied with cords and a belt, appearing to have been beaten and burned.

Another member of the group involved in the Friday incident, who was reportedly related to the breaking and entering of vacant house owned by the Hughes family is Adam Michael Miller, 24.

Miller is in Central Regional Jail charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, burglary, kidnapping, obstruction, obstructing an officer and trespassing.

Saturday, law enforcement was requesting a "hold" on those two subjects until they could interview then, preventing them from posting bail.

It appears numerous individuals are involved with the incident.

Site of discovery of body on Ace Haney
Hill between Hardman Fork and Little Creek

State Police investigating scene of alleged crime

Individuals broke into Hughes property off Hardman Fork

By Bob Weaver

7/23/2016 - Calhoun 911 received a call from a resident at 8:44 a.m. Saturday, saying they discovered a dead body along the rural highway in the Hardman Fork area.

Sources at the scene says the man was a young male.

The body, allegedly a murder victim, was discovered by a man who was driving up Ace Haney Hill to go berry picker, indicating the body was just off the roadway.

State Police said they had summoned the WV State Police Crime Lab.

The body was found in an area where an incident occurred Friday related to a number of individuals, a broken down vehicle, a breaking and entering, and a young male being brutalized and taken to a Parkersburg hospital.

The body was discovered a short distance from the Hughes Farm, where individuals broke and entered an unoccupied Hughes residence Friday.

Friday, a young male claimed he escaped captivity, going to a nearby residence to seek help, while four others reportedly fled the scene, but most were reportedly caught.

Sources at the scene said cross allegations were made by some of the subjects that the escaped man had attempted to rape a female in the party.

Local sources indicated the subjects involved in the Friday incident appeared to be from Wirt or Wood County, with one subject having ties to Little Creek.

Unconfirmed sources said some of them have criminal records, the incident also connected to a stolen vehicle.

State Police are investigating the connection between the events of from both days, with further charges likely pending.

7/22/2016 - Police and emergency medical services responded around 7 a.m. Friday to a Hardman Fork incident, after a male wandered to a house claiming he had been held captive in a nearby residence for three days, and had been assaulted several times.

Sources at the scene said the man appeared to have been tied with cords or belts, with multiple injuries and inflicted burns and was taken to a Parkersburg hospital.

A local resident told the Herald, "He seemed to be in real trouble, beaten on."

Calhoun Deputy Sheriff Jeff Starcher and other law enforcement responded to the incident.

Sources told the Herald that the alleged victim had been with three or four other individuals when their vehicle broke down at the Hughes property on Hardman Fork, a remote area between Rowels Run and Little Creek.

There was a breaking and entering of an unoccupied house belonging to the Hughes family.

The individuals with the alleged victim reportedly fled the scene, and most were reportedly located by officers, those individuals reportedly made claims that the man had attempted to rape a woman who was accompanying them, indicating that the man's hostage claims could be false.

Authorities are investigating the incident and charges are likely pending.

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