The Hur Herald, with a 20 year history of publishing and often 2.5 million visitors a year, will discontinue publishing May 31, 2016.

It is the unfortunate consequences of being a highly underfunded project being connected to my pending income loss as a Calhoun County Commissioner.

Over the years, we have cost shifted personal funds to keep the Herald going, costs have climbed with hacking, server costs, satellite, and numerous operational expenses.

I'm one of those millions of American workers who lost their promised retirement benefits, like many have also lost health benefits.

The company for which I previously worked had "bad investments" with the retirement money.

The Herald has had dutiful donators and advertisers, for which we are very grateful.

Few from Calhoun donate each year, most readers do what is normal regarding free things - expect it to be there.

It has clearly been a rewarding experience recording the day to day happenings of Sunny Cal, although sometimes tragic, but having always held to the belief that reporting the news has been an important public service.

We are hopeful to have funding to keep the archives on line, and intend to add special interest and historical stories from time to time.

There is a huge archive of historical stories and photos.

We have been trying to preserve the entire archives for historical purposes to have them donated to the state archives and WVU Library.

We humbly thank our readers, writers, supporters and advertisers, particularly the men and women who have kindly allowed us to interview them over the years.

While we regret not doing the Herald, never having profited from it, we do regret pulling the plug.

It is now time to do what Dianne and I returned to our Calhoun home to do 20+ years ago ... retire.

The bests to you all, God's blessings.

Bob Weaver, Hur WV

Dianne Weaver, Norma Knotts Shaffer and Rich Kurnik

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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