By Alvin Engelke

Rick Williams brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

Several area residents attended and participated in the big yard sales in Elizabeth & Grantsville.

Renee Gray's handsome grandson was calling at her Ann's Run Residence.

The big slide in the Ann's Run road along the West Fork of the Little Kanawha just above Creston has gotten much worse. The river had been up and when it fell the road and berm fell about four feet. One must be careful there, especially after dark. There are cones to mark the missing highway.

H. Wayne Nida, a retired Navy man, passed away after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. He leaves a wife and two daughters.

Jim Vandale, age 67, passed away. He was a son of Bill & Opal Wise Vandale. Bill, a former resident of Rock Camp was the last living World War I veteran in this area.

It was reported that Fern Deel, age 88, passed away, The daughter of Perry Ed & Greta Knotts, she was a granddaughter of Ira & Ella Baker who lived at the mouth of Pete's Run.

The Creston area neighborhood watch will have a litter pickup on Saturday, May 14th. For details contact Donna Sue at 304-275-3202. Also it should be noted that garlic mustard along the road and anywhere else needs to be pulled up by the roots. The USDA's (Dept. of Agriculture) multiflora rose is starting to bloom as a reminder of another federal program "to help the farmers" that went terribly wrong. Since the USDA started "helping" farmers they have eradicated over 90%, something to brag about, no doubt.

With the Donald as the apparent nominee the true colors of some of the national Republican leaders can now be seen rather clearly. While they claimed to be "conservatives" they actually have been supporting and working with the Big Eared One and have been planning on working with Her Thighness and all getting rich together at the expense of the peasants whom they obviously loathe. While they claim to be conservative their actions show otherwise as do their position papers. Boehner, Ryan & the Kentucky 'gentleman' are part of the DC cartel just like their counterparts, Carmichaels, Goodwin & Ashley on the state scene. What these birds fear most is that the Donald will whup the anointed lady and they will become inconsequential. It was reported that the Koch brothers might support Madame Hillary. One wonders now how those who trash them [& have never heard of George Soros] will now respond?

A number of local residents were on the sick list last week.

It was announced that the Saudi king tossed oil minister Sheik Ali Baba Naimi out and replaced him with Sheik Khalid, presently the head honcho of Saudi Aramco, formerly known as the Arabian American Oil Co. Sheik Ali Baba was the one who started the oil war to force the shale oil producers in W. Va., Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas & North Dakota out of business by dropping the oil price.

EQT announced that they purchased 62,500 acres of Marcellus from Statoil, the Norwegian government oil company for $407 million. It is not clear if the kingdom sold all their leases or just some of them. A well connected Ritchie oil & gas man reported that Exxon Mobil is to take over the leases and operations of Antero. The EQT acquisition is estimated to contain 9.2 trillion cubic feet on natural gas and the average royalty & override burden is 16%. Both Antero & EQT pushed to have the W. Va. legislature to take away minerals from the taxpayers and give them to the well funded out of state concerns.

Charles Russell was calling on Ray Gumm, Paris Parsons & brother Euell at the Miletree center. It was learned that Euell is now walking more that 100 feet/day.

The wildflowers have started to come up in the patches along W. Va. 5 at Creston that were planted by the state road crew. The Wirt crew was doing a laydown at the red cut.

While is isn't Creston news the Spring Valley monthly meeting was moved to May 15 at 2 P. M. because the regular meeting date was Mother's Day. Some local folks are involved there.

Those who follow the fortunes of Chesapeake note that on Friday the stock dropped 20%. Others seem to think that they will survive as oil prices and gas prices (elsewhere) have improved.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil rose to $43.66/bbl. with condensate fetching $26.66, Marcellus & Utica light $38.66 and medium $43.66/bbl.

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