By Alvin Engelke

Rick Williams brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

Carl Ferrell had a birthday which coincided with his & Donna's wedding anniversary. Missy took all the children to Pittsburgh for the weekend so the lovebirds could have quality time alone. The younger set also reported having a great time seeing the sights in the big city.

H. Wayne Nida continues to have rough time with visits to Stonewall Jackson hospital and the VA hospital.

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Butler were attending to business in Spencer along with their comely granddaughter.

Jean Stalnaker, age 89, of Annamoriah passed away after a bout with cancer. The widow of Bill Stalnaker she had for many years run the store at Annamoriah and many Creston folks had fond memories of their visits there. Some walked there & then carried their groceries home.

Charles Russell had his endoscopy and nothing bad was found but he needed his esophagus stretched so he could swallow better. He was calling on brother Euell, Ray Gumm & Paris Parsons at the Miletree Center.

Wilma Mowrey was calling on Frankie Mowrey at Miletree & Glenna Carpenter, who has lots of kin at Creston, is at the facility.

A nice crowd was on hand for the Richard Greathouse wedding at the Creston Community Building. It was a beautiful day.

Four wheeler enthusiasts are reminded that the Creston spring ATV poker run will be April 30 at the Creston Community Building with signups running from before nine until noon. Breakfast will be served -- sausage & biscuits.

Trooper Matt Jarvis, Magistrate Janey Wigal and Travis Corbett were present at the Creston Area Neighborhood Watch. Jim Tedrick served pulled chicken to the attendees. Local residents continue to get scam telephone calls and e-mails. One woman got a "call from her grandson" while at work. The caller said he was "the oldest grandson" and had gotten into trouble in New York, had stiches so couldn't talk so well, etc. After listening to the spiel for a while the local resident informed the con man that he was a liar as her oldest grandson was just 13 & was at school where he belonged. Click.

The girls in the office of the Creston News writer have said for years that Alvin was a "Pain in the butt"....this has been confirmed!!! This writer Is extremely thankful for the expert medical treatment the Roane Medical Express Office has given him. After seven straight days at the clinic and a round of antibiotics he is feeling 100% better.

The whip poor wills have returned to the area to serenade local residents who are out enjoying the balmy weather.

Nationally there has been a lot of talk about how delegates to the national convention are chosen. On the Republican side in the upcoming W. Va. primary there are only two candidates remaining as the Ohio wunderkid didn't file to run or have delegates. So one has to go through the delegates and vote for 22 at large and 3 for each congressional district. One must be sure to vote for either Trump or Cruz delegates as the "party bigs" are pledged to little Jebbie so they answer to no one. On the Democrat ticket one can choose the old Brooklyn hippy, the super rich woman "who is for the common folks" or the ex-con in Texas who got 40% against the Big Eared One in W. Va. last go around.

The Roane road crew has been doing more work on the road from the location of the big meth bust to the Wirt County line and a Roane employee indicated that more work is scheduled. The state road hauled in big rock to fix the road along Spring Creek above the mouth of Little Spring Creek. They even worked on Saturday. Previously, folks had been told that such jobs had to be given to someone's contractor friends.

Talk continues about the dirty done by the tall insurance salesman against longtime popular state senator Donna Boley and then the move by his buddy and oil company spokesman Chairman Woody to have the state farm bureau endorse him, in violation of the rules for political endorsements.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude is $39.36 with condensate (super mountain high test) fetching $22.36, Marcellus & Utica light $33.36 and medium $39.36/bbl. Gasolene took another jump of about 20 cents/gallon or $8.40/bbl. Of course gasoline is the cheap byproduct of Pennsylvania grade crude.

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