By Alvin Engelke

Rick Williams brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. He talked about David & Goliath, a great example of the power of faith. He noted that he chose the message especially for Charles Russell.

Local residents were awakened in the night by sleet hitting the roof and then Saturday morning there was about 2 inches of snow. The global warming hoaxers let us down again. The scheduled litter pickup by the local neighborhood watch was postpones until an other day. It wasn't just Jacques Frost but real freezes of the fruit, etc.

Charles Russell reported that there was a big gathering of Griffins at the Creston Space Dock.

Ronnie Belt has been in the hospital, brother Neil came down with the influenza, Amy Ferrell was consulting various medical experts and Cleston Nicholas remains on the puny list. Charles Russell has been having visits by the health nurse and a speech therapist to help him with swallowing food. He is scheduled for an endoscopy on Tuesday. Connie & Jack Boggs have both been consulting with the experts and Randy Miller the fellow the P. O. department brought in to run the Brooksville post office had a heart attack at work.

There has been a lot of commotion all over the world as a result of the release of the "Panama papers" A huge treasure trove of secret papers from a law firm in Panama that helps the very rich, famous & some very unsavory types take money around the world, hide it, avoid taxes, etc. The first round of outed folks were a cellist who was close to Russian dictator Vlad Putin, the prime minister [now resigned] of Iceland, the former head of the government of Iraq, the father of the prime minister of England, etc. Madame Hillary's campaign chairman was linked to the Kremlin as a PR outfit saying "how wonderful the Russian government is." Some noted that the release and the problems it has caused for those named reminded them of old Panama Red who first took your wife and then messed up your head. The Wizard of W. Va. who formerly lived on Honey Run grew that variety, it was reported.

Gay Park & Phil Belt attended a birthday party at the Becky Belt residence.

The Farm Bureau lobbyist got caught in a whopper when he came to the Donna Boley breakfast Friday at Parkersburg & said he didn't know who was endorsed for the full term state senate seat. When asked why Woody Ireland, sometimes known as the silver tongued orator, had the W. Va. Farm Bureau endorse Bob Ashley against her in the primary after Donna had stood up for the organization and local residents now for many, many years there was "humming & hawing". It was said that Bill Aiken told the Pleasants County meeting that "all incumbents were endorsed". It was learned that Chairman Woody was furious that he was "outed" as the one who wanted Donna removed which puts him in the same crowd with a fellow whose family is big in the puppy racing and an elderly fellow who spends most of his time in sunny south Florida. Sen. Boley told local FB members in Wood & Wirt County that she felt that it was because Ashley had come out four square for the forced pooling bill the big out of state & foreign firms want to avoid having to pay realistic royalties and accurate taxes on the wells that are being drilled in the middle of the largest oil & gas field on the planet.

The Big Eared One again said that "global warming " is the biggest threat against civilization and the free world even though there has been no increase in temperature now for 19 years. One of the global warming biggies recently admitted that it had noting to do with weather but was all about the redistribution of wealth. The EPA apparently wants the folks down at the Mouth of the Elk to ban wood stoves & chimneys as "they pollute".

It was recently learned that the head man for the Kasich presidential campaign was one of the leaders of the seedy group that tried to "deep six" Ronald Reagan" to protect the "in crowd" then.

The war on salt continues as well even though it is well know that very low salt diets can cause all sorts of health problems. Makes it clear that there can be major cuts in the federal government that will save much money and will not impact national defense, defending the border from Arab terrorists, etc.

Tulips, trilliums, Dutchman' breeches and other spring ephemerals are now in their glory and a drive down Tom ' Run on the way to Spencer is an easy flower tour. The Roane road crew has done a significant amount of work on the road from where the big meth lab bust occurred to the Wirt County line.

It was reported that Frankie Sandy, son of Frank & Florence Lockhart Sandy, passed away in Spencer.

M. Craig "Sleepy " Mills was campaigning in the Creston area.

Randy Broida of Union New Jersey who operates as JB announced that he plans to drill at Utica well in Tyler County and that some are planned to the south and west of there at unspecified locations.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude rose to $38.72/bbl. with condensate fetching $21.72, Marcellus & Utica light $33.22 & medium $38.72/bbl.

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