By Alvin Engelke

Rick Williams brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church.

A number of Creston residents participated in the Dan Cheuvront family benefit which was reported to be a great success.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell & family were visiting in North Carolina over the weekend and brought back Junior Ferrell's ashes.

Charles Russell was undergoing tests at the Camden Clark Hospital and visited with Dr. Singh at the old St. Joseph's hospital now owned by Siltstone, an outfit that trades in leases and mineral rights. It is reported Siltstone is dealing some leases to Antero.

The cold snap came to Creston although the fruit trees that are in bloom did not seem to be damaged. It is worth a trip on I-77 from Mineral Wells to Rockport just to see all the pear trees along the way that are in bloom. From Rockport one can come down Tucker's Creek back to Elizabeth. Red bud is in it's glory and violets are now starting to bloom as are bluets. Bessie Arthur's pink dogwood is starting to open.

Charles Russell was calling on Paris Parsons, Ray Gumm & brother Euell at the Miletree facility. It was learned that Euell had gotten "mouthy" with the staff there and an attitude adjustment was suggested. He was told that Donna Sue would come and give him a good tongue lashing [just for starters].

It was reported that Earl Ray vetoed the bill that would have tried to stop the federally forced "Common Core" curriculum that was foisted on America by the likes of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers who is now hailed by the PC crowd as a "leader in education". Perhaps a new president will shut down the federal education bureau with all its hangers on and political hacks. One of the biggies in the global warming business [climate change] admitted that the programs had nothing to do with changing the weather but all to do with the establishment of global governance that will transfer wealth from those who have to those who will "give" it to the "less fortunate." Fossil fuels are now said to be bad but while huge amounts of natural gas are flared off "as waste", several billion in the world heat and cook with firewood, charcoal and dung. It is said that if those folks get to do better it would ruin the planet but the clearing of rain forest to make charcoal has been an environmental hazard for decades and in Africa there are billions of cubic feet of natural gas wasted as corrupt politicians deny the peasants cheap fuel.

Speaking of natural gas, LNG or liquefied natural gas is now being exported from the gulf ports and next year the Cove Point facility in Maryland should be able to start shipping gas. The project had been held up by "so called environmentalists" and those who did not want western Europe to have an alternative to Vladimir Putin's Russian natural gas which may involve George Soros.

It was reported that Royal Dutch Shell has cleared out the old factory at the site [Horseheads] of their Monaca Pennsylvania ethane cracker and have cut off a hill and filled in a large area. It was said that if all goes well a shopping mall will be relocated as well as a highway and that excavation has already started around the highway ramps. It was also noted that the gambling casino site up at Chester may be used for petro chemical operations as it sits on a large flat area along the river where the railroad could be replaced fairly easily and that such will be the case from there all the way to the Parkersburg area which may explain why more hotels are being constructed in Parkersburg & Marietta. Many have wondered why ammonia fertilizer plants aren't in the works as such need cheap natural gas and such is available in great quantity. Some local natural gas sold for 97 cents/DTH (February production).

Some have suggested that Stone Energy, one of the Marcellus drillers, is in severe financial straits as the company stock is now trading below $1/share. It was also reported that "certified W. Va. investors" can now participate in "well upgrades including slick water fracs" on Chesapeake's existing wells. One might want to do plenty of "due diligence" before investing.

The Roane road crew fixed the bad slide or dip in the road near the former Vic Kirby residence and leveled the slip at the head of Tom's Run near Maxine Quick's home. They also worked on the road between the Beaver Dam road and the Lower Barnes Run road. It is hoped that the section from Lower Barnes Run to the Wirt line will be all repaired this summer. There is significant travel and commerce between Creston & Spencer since the road was made passable some years back.

Don Hursell was having some rock hauled to his place on Beaver Dam.

While the price of gasoline has been going up the price of local Pennsylvania grade crude dropped to $35.79/bbl. with condensate fetching $16.70, Marcellus & Utica light S30.29 and medium $35.79/bbl.

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