Accelerated Reader Achievement Awards - (Front L-R) Kiara Lanham, Killian Kimble, Cooper Morris, Maddox Siwicki, Madison Jones, Quinn Bunch; (Back L-R) Kaylee Copeland, Jacob Williamson, Adam Hughes, Trinity Periso, Leland Collins. Not pictured Isaac Wagoner

Attendance Award - Mrs. Price's 1st Grade Class - (Front L-R)
Payton Moneypenny, Maeson Grogg, Cassandra Moore, Quinn Bunch,
Maddox Siwicki, Lance Grogg, Reese Murphy, Logan McCormick;
(Middle L-R) Kayleigh Poling, Clay Allison, Landon White, Khloe
Fox, Paige Sterns, Summer Rogers, August Weaver; (Back L-R) Mrs.
Britni Price, Amera Hosey, Jada Walker, Kylee Quick, Raeonna Stamper, Ryan Harper, Cooper Morris, Madison Cunningham, Gaige Justice

Citizenship - (Front L-R) Jamie Sims, Connor Lane,
Chase Lockhart; (Back L-R) Kaylee Copeland, Chloe
Roudebush, Tyler Sampson, Addison Welch, Payton
Moneypenny; Not pictured Madison Wilson, Christian Andreano

(L-R) Most Improved Students - Chloe Capell, Braden Starcher; Readers of the Month - Chase Lockhart, Not pictured Paetience Robinson

Students of the Month - (Front L-R) Gavin Kerby, Cassandra Moore, Aniah Davis, Jasmyne Tingler, Addison Fitch; (Back L-R) Owen Taylor, Jayda Osborne, Ashlynn Ritchie, Gabriel Francis, Hallie Mace

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