By Alvin Engelke

A big crowd with several political candidates attended the Creston Easter party and Easter egg hunt.

Rick Williams brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. On Easter Sunday there will be a sunrise service at 7 A. M. at the New Home (Mayberry) church and then there will be the regular 9 A. M. service at the Burning Springs M. E. Church followed by Sunday School.

The local area continues to have spring like weather with peach trees in bloom, turkeys gobbling and strutting to "impress the ladies" and ramps almost big enough to pick. The weather has been ideal for the growth of lichens and bryophytes and some lawns are ready to be mowed. Some have picked hairy bittercress to make salads & morel mushrooms will soon be ready to harvest.

Charles Russell was consulting his physician at the Minnie Hamilton facility & is scheduled for additional tests. He was calling on Brother Euell, Ray Gumm & Paris Parsons at the Miletree Center.

"Bill" Monroe, age 77, passed away in Canton Ohio. He was born in Burning Springs and was the former Elizabeth mayor and a major player in the former Ravens Metals.

Some local residents had occasion to attend to business in Monterey Virginia & the talk there is the opposition to the Rockefeller family pipeline to move natural gas to the LNG facilities. The price for right-of-way is now $7,000/acre although there are few takers. There are signs everywhere opposing the facility.

Junior Earl Ferrell, age 59, of Sanford North Carolina died suddenly on March 14. He was a son of the late Dewey Earl & Maxine Sidwell Ferrell and a grandson of the late Violet Wix Ferrell. He is survived by Roxanne Morgan & two daughters, Joellen Deutschle of Killbuck Ohio and Jessica Ferrell of Wooster and brothers, Carl & Joe of Creston, Calvin of Parkersburg, Gary of Nobe, Larry of Spencer, Alvin of Brooksville & Albert (Bub) of Munday and sisters Loretta Bell of Big Bend, Kathirn Bunner of Munday, Beretta Ferrell of Russett & Darlene Ulderich of Millstone, 6 grandchildren & several nieces & nephews. A family get together was held on Saturday.

Nancy Engelke was consulting her physician and received a good report.

The little jeweler who is Earl Ray's development director has been pretty quiet lately about the proposed ethane cracker facility on the old Marbon/GE site at Washington Bottom but it was learned that the president of Odebrecht, the Brazilian firm that was to build & operate the plant, has been sentenced to 19 years in the crossbar hotel for stealing billions from the government run oil company, the same one that the Big Eared One gave billions so they could do deep Atlantic ocean drilling for oil.

The Big Eared One stopped the proposed offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean and killed a proposed multibillion dollar LNG facility on the Pacific coast as well as the pipeline that was to supply the facility.

Madame Hillary announced at a campaign event in Ohio that she would be bankrupting several coal companies and putting coal miners out of work but that there would be welfare money for the laid off miners. It was noted that if there is no coal mined the steel industry (what is left) would close also as "met" coal is needed to make coke, let alone a reliable source of electricity to run the mills Of course all the operations could be "outsourced " to China, India, Mexico, etc. The present war on coal and attacks on fossil fuels have the State of W. Va. over a barrel as tax revenues from coal and natural gas are & have been plummeting. In addition Likker by the drink, gambling and other quick fixes to the state's economy have, as projected from the start, fizzled.

It was announced that Royal Dutch Shell & Aramco [Arabian American Oil Company] have "split the sheets" and the Arabs are now the owner of the biggest oil refinery in Texas which refines 603,000 bbl./day. It seems that every day the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army or some other foreign outfit takes over an American company. The hotel chain that got all the hoopla for opening hotels in Fidel's Cuba is Chinese owned.

It was learned that the legislature's ill advised "AST" (above ground storage tank) bill is now being enforced and that so far 1,300 unregistered tanks have been found. The bill was a result of the state's deliberate ignoring of a shady [but connected] outfit that was storing nasty stuff in tanks along the Elk River just above the water intake for 300,000 people. The dikes at the old Elk Refining facility had been obviously leaking for years and no one checked the plumbing, etc. resulting in a major leak.

The EPA wants the state to implement "standards" for the burning of firewood for heat and cooking which specify the moisture [not greater than 20%] and smoke "quality controls" which would be impossible with stove pipes or chimneys. Back during the last "government shutdown" the Big Eared One determined that only 7% of the EPA staff was essential so it is obvious that 93% of the agency could be put on permanent layoff, saving millions of taxpayer money and restricting the agency to point source pollution, the reason the behemoth was established. This is why outsiders need to run the nation so that real cuts can be made to the federal government to save the country from certain ruin.

The state Republican party had their winter meeting in Summersville and noted that each county needs to have a convention in April to supply platform planks and delegates to the state convention on June 25. Those who have ideas of what should be in the party platform are urged to go to the county conventions, have the planks adopted and then go to the state meet down at the Mouth of the Elk.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil dropped to $38.44/bbl. with condensate fetching $19.44, Marcellus & Utica light $32.44 & medium $38.44/bbl.

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