A new Christian school is being planned for Calhoun County.

Informal meetings have been taking place over the last few months, the result of a number of people in the community expressing an interest in starting an evangelical Christian school for the area.

Organizers said at this point in the planning, no person or group are actually sponsoring the meetings, although they have been held at Brooksville Family Life Center.

In that planning, contact was made with other WV Christian schools and a pastor from the Parkersburg area met with the group about his experiences in the founding of Wood County Christian School.

That meeting lead to a visit to their facility where many ideas and plans continued for a Christian school here in Calhoun County.

The intention of this group is to make a well-informed, God-honoring, God-inspired plan for the Calhoun community.

The first public meeting has now been set for April 10th at 3:00 pm at the Senior Citizens (CCCOA) building in Grantsville.

This meeting will not only provide information be given about the Little Kanawha Valley Christian School, but to also gauge what serious interest exists from families in our communities.

The hope of this group is that anyone with an interest in our community, our children, and our future will attend.

This is by no means limited to the parents of school-aged children, but to the grandparents, aunts, uncles, church members - simply anyone who feels a need to make a difference in the lives of Calhoun children.

This endeavor requires the help of area churches to make known to their members and communities that the meetings have been taking place, and that research and plans will continue to be developed.

It is the group's hope that local churches may feel a spirit-led desire to not only be supportive of these efforts in prayer but also in attendance of the public meeting, and by any and all means possible to provide a Christ-centered education to children.

We feel we owe this to our children and their families, and that God will bless our stand of faith. The following is the Mission Statement for Little Kanawha Valley Christian School: The current organizers said, "It is the desire of Little Kanawha Valley Christian School to provide a quality Christ-centered education for the children of our local communities by partnering with parents and volunteers to enhance our children's academic, biblical, social and physical development."

"Our mission is for students to enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ while obtaining their education and to expose them to all areas of development necessary to continue their Christian-walk through life."

"Our purpose is to offer hope to the future of the families in our communities with an alternative to public education where students will excel while maintaining loyalty, compassion, and respect."

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