By Alvin Engelke

Rick Williams brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church, Former Burning Springs resident Sue Farnsworth, comely daughter & friend were visiting.

Gay Park noted that she had been on the puny list. Charles Russell was consulting again with his physician.

Some Creston residents including Garrett Arthur attended the Spring Valley Home Owners Association as did Trooper Jarvis.

The government mandated fast time has come upon us again. Even though it fouls up folks biological clocks and uses more energy {Aren't we saving to protect the planet?] the bureaucrats love the time change as they "can show their authority" to make the peasants mind. Back during World War II it was called war time to allow factory workers to turn out more product to fight the enemy.

Speaking of enemies the bleeding heart liberals like Chrissy Wallace are upset that the Donald told his spectators to "Knock the excrement out of troublemakers" since that isn't politically correct and that the trouble at Chicago, organized by George Soros funded Move On.org and other funded leftist groups was Trump's fault. Obviously some live in an alternate universe. It was noted that the Big Eared One's mentor & former neighbor, unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was at the demonstration. No doubt there will be replays of the commotion all the way to cold weather next winter. The demonstrators in Ferguson Missouri who were from all over the country were paid 5K/month, it was reported. There are lots of good reasons why living in Creston and other, more or less out of the way places, has great advantages although time will tell who is to be moved into the big welfare housing project in Elizabeth that the taxpayers are building for the investment group in Columbus.

Warm spring like weather continues to be the norm at Creston and has obviously been ideal for lichens and bryophytes. Local residents are lulled to sleep by the local amphibian chorus doing their version of Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Julia Joyce's daffodils are in their prime.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell & family motored to Wheeling Sunday to visit with daughter Missy, Angel & Asia.

Austin Westfall and Suellen Arthur both celebrated their birthdays as will Euell Russell on the 28th.

Well known Spencer oil man J. P. "Pat" Whited, age 65, passed away after a protracted illness. Fat Pat the oilfield rat, as he called himself was very knowledgeable about most of the oil and gas fields in and around the area as well as the operators and wheeler dealers that have and continue to pass through the area.

Mr. & Mrs. R. P. Marks & daughters Ryland & Brooklyn were calling on Mr. & Mrs. Cooter Marks and at the Burning Springs space dock.

It has been reported that the Columbia pipe line system may be sold to TransCanada, the pipeline outfit that was building the Keystone pipeline until, the Big Eared One and Madame Hillary shut it down to protect Warren Buffett's rail road and the Saudi princes who want to sell their junk oil to Texas refineries. It is not clear whether the vast gas storage fields in West Virginia are to be sold as well. This deal would impact the Mountaineer Xpress pipeline that is scheduled to go through Calhoun, Wirt & surrounding counties to take natural gas to the gulf for export as LNG. According to news reports it will be a $9 billion deal. It was also noted that the Marcellus field was described as a growing field not something dead as the big company stoolies have cried after their plans to have the legislators put the screws to W. Va. residents failed, apparently, this time around. Little Nicholas "Corky" deMarco made a big deal that the companies had to lease 1/10 acre lots to make units to drill. Apparently we are not supposed to know that 50 years ago the big companies leased town lots in and around Los Angeles and more recently downtown Fort Worth Texas was drilled. For certain 40' x 100' town lots are less than 1/10 acre.

Some prominent Texans have filed a lawsuit against Chesapeake for taking expenses out of royalty payment. According to the suit the owners have been shorted $9.4 million and In certain of the cases the plaintiffs are asking that the oil & gas leases be set aside. Under the Tawney case Chesapeake is not supposed to be taking out expenses from royalties in W. Va. but it is noted that other companies, especially EQT have started taking out large deductions when previously none were reported on the check stubs.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil rose to $37.50/bbl. with condensate fetching $18.50 and Marcellus & Utica light bringing $31/50 and medium $37.50/bbl. Last month's oil fetched $26/bbl.

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