By Alvin Engelke

Rick Williams brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

The Creston Community Easter party & egg hunt will be held on Sunday March 20 at 2 P. M. at the Creston Community Building starting with a covered dish dinner. Ham and drinks will be supplied and those coming, bringing family, etc. should coordinate what they bring with either Wilma or Barb at 304-275-3795 or 0006 . Chances are good that Ellen will bring home made noodles one does not want 10 dishes of baked beans but no potatoes, etc. Also donations of candy for the little ones are still needed.

The warm weather continues locally with crocus flowers blooming in Creston on February 29 and now a few daffodils, etc. Some buzzards are back although the white throated sparrows have not left to head north.

Charles Russell was having trouble with his blood pressure and got to spend some "quality time" in Minnie Hamilton at Grantsville. He is now home and went, along with Amy Nicole Ferrell, to call on brother Euell at Miletree who has a case of bronchitis. Euell, at first, did not remember Amy. They also dined with Ray Gumm & Paris Parsons. It was noted that perhaps Euell had done too much romancing and thus wore himself down.

Brandon Ferrell spent the weekend visiting Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell & family.

J. P. Marks, Garrett Arthur, Steve Loudin & Chance were among those calling at the Creston Space Dock where it was reported that there was a "big card game". Garrett also helped Cap'n Spock on a job in Mineral Wells. Some from there were calling on Bessie Arthur at her home on Little Creek.

Bill Whited and crew spent some time in Creston dealing with a leaking oil tank. While the loss was minimal the cleanup is tedious.

The common core people appear to have the upper hand at the moment down at the Mouth of the Elk ["Oh we can't afford to change horses now, remember we are experts & you are stupid peasants!"} and Earl Ray named Scott Rotruck, formerly of Columbia Natural Resources & Chesapeake to the state Bd. of Education to replace Wade Linger. Now Scott can help the little wife, Gayle, take care of things for the big boys both locally and nationally as little Jebbie Bush will need to sell more common core stuff as he lost out in the big campaign. The pointy headed intyleckshuals are, however, beside themselves that the global warming hoax is not being taught to W. Va. students. The fact that there has been no warming now for 19 years means nothing to the diehard priests of the new age religion that has made many very rich at the expense of ordinary citizens, especially those in W. Va. To note that the sun is in a "resting" phase and that government data shows no warming is grounds for heresy trials with the use of the rack, burning at the stake, etc.

Those who have property involved with the Magnum Hunter bankruptcy received more paperwork and ballots from the bankruptcy court over the weekend. Again one will have to consult with counsel as to what to do. Along those lines that continues to be the problems of what will happen to Chesapeake. Part of the company was sold to Haymaker and other parts to FourPoint Energy of Denver. The company has made the news bigtime as the former CEO, Aubrey McClendon was indicted for fixing prices on leases and the very next day he was killed in a car wreck in Oklahoma City. While some feel he did himself in, other think he was "helped" as dead men tell no tales. Chesapeake's stock rose and some said it was because the firm was given immunity in the case involving Aubrey, kinda like Madame Hillary's computer man getting immunity from prosecution by the FBI.

Johnna Heater who now lives up in Ohio noted that she has been on the puny list & is to consult with her physician. She noted that the Tee Vee show "Highway through hell" is her favorite show and she was able to talk on the telephone with Jaimie & Sherry Davis, the folks that own & produce the program.

The Wheeling newspaper reported that the big boys failed to get their forced pooling bill through the legislature although they can still try midnight antics by adding it into some other legislation and with the big money talking anything is possible. Little Nicholas "Corky" deMarco, one of the mouthpieces for the out of state boys said the legislation failed because of a lack of understanding. Most would believe it failed because many more people understood what the slicksters were up to and said no. If a few "leaders" get retired in the primary or the general election then the deep well forced pooling bill can be repealed also and maybe even legislation can be passed so that folks will know how much of each product is produced and what it is really sold for at the real arm's length sale and the new tactic of taking deductions from royalty will be stopped. One can always be hopeful that, being in the middle of the largest oil & gas field on the planet, West Virginians will be treated as first class citizens, both by the state & the companies instead of the present outrageous situation.

Mandee Richards who is running for Circuit Clerk was calling on friends in Creston.

Four wheelers & automobiles were stolen in the Elizabeth area and local residents got scam telephone calls from folks saying they were from the IRS. One local resident received a call from British Columbia from a fellow pretending he was his grandson and needed $1,000 to get out of jail. Later he called his grandson who hadn't been in jail anywhere. One must be very careful. Another local fellow, according to his e-mails has won millions of dollars & English pounds and free trips to lots of vacation spots. As someone noted "That is what the delete button is for."

Glen Maze & father were spending some time at the home place in the Maze bend.

Natural gas produced on Owl Hill fetched 90 cents while local Pennsylvania grade crude oil rose to $34.92/bbl. with condensate bringing $25.92, Marcellus & Utica light $28.92 and medium $34.92/bbl.

In the Parkersburg are the price of gasoline jumped 50 cents/gallon or $21/bbl. With Pennsylvania grade crude the gasoline cut is one of the low value portions of the oil as lubricants, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. are the value portions.

Some stayed up late Saturday evening to see who won the Kentucky presidential caucuses. Mittens Romney cooked his political goose with his plea, on behalf of the ruling cartel, to stop the folks that the citizens are supporting in the primaries. Those who have lied to the voters and held them in contempt are now scared s******* that they may lose their power and access to money, etc. So bad, so sad.

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