WDTV CHANNEL 5 - The year is 1944.

A time when guys and gals communicated by writing letters. Now imagine opening your mailbox and finding a letter that was sent to you 72 years ago. That's what happened to Clarksburg resident Dusty Spelsberg.

One day Dusty got a call from someone from her hometown of Zanesville, Ohio. A letter sent to her had been found at the local post office.

"Oh my goodness, I thought where has that been. That letter could tell lots of stories about where its been. But I just wanted to get my hands on it and of course I did," said Dusty Spelsberg.

The letter was sent by Dusty's longtime friend Edith Adams. The two met in junior high and wrote to keep in touch while Edith was away in the Navy.

"Edith and I met in junior high school in Zanesville, Ohio and then we knew each other all those years. She went to Ohio State as well as I did. She joined the Navy after the first couple years and I went on to graduate," said Spelsberg.

From South Carolina to Zanesville to Clarksburg. Dusty, now 92-years-old, finally got the chance to read about her friends Navy experience.

"It's a long letter. She told about the sailors that she had met. She said it seems like as soon as I'm interested in one they're shipped out. And she said this has happened to me three times," said Spelsberg.

72-years later Dusty and Edith remain friends. Though they now talk on the phone the women still write each other letters just like when they were young.

"We still correspond. I got a letter from her the other day before all of this happened. You count on the post office to bring a letter overnight or at least in a few days it took a little longer this time 1944 is a long time," said Spelsberg.

Edith will soon get a special return to sender message when Dusty sends the letter back to her friend so she too can see it.

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