Filing dates for the May 10, 2016 primary election begins today and ends January 30, according to Calhoun Clerk Jean Simers.

Filings that are mailed must be postmarked by the US Postal service before midnight on January 30.

Clerk Jean Simers has packets for both non-partisan positions (board of education, conservation district supervisor and magistrate) and partisan positions: County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, County Commission, Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, Assessor and Surveyor.

Offices, requirements, length of term and filing fee:

- County Clerk - 18 years of age, resident of the county - 6 year position - Filing Fee $532.22

- Circuit Clerk - 18 years of age, resident of the county - 6 year position - Filing Fee $532.22

- County Commission - 18 years of age, resident of the county, live in an open district - 6 year position - Filing fee $273.50

Simers said currently with the three commissioners, with one each from Sherman, Lee and Washington. Since Mr. Weaver's term is expiring, he living in Lee district, a candidate can be elected from Center, Sheridan or Lee.

- Prosecuting Attorney - 18 years of age, resident of West Virginia; admitted to practice law by the time term begins - 4 years - Filing Fee $983.36

- Sheriff - 18 years of age; must reside in the county in which they are elected - 4 year term- Filing fee $469.39

- Assessor - 18 years of age; resident of the county - 4 year term - Filing fee $469.39

- Surveyor - 18 years of age; must be licensed surveyor - 4 year term - Filing Fee $10.00

- Board of Education - High School diploma or GED; training required prior to taking office - live in an open district (no more than 2 members may be elected or serve from the same magisterial district) New term begins July 1, 2016 - Filing fee - $25.00

Currently there are two board of education members from Sherman and one from Center and one each from Lee and Washington. Therefore, there can be at least one board of education member elected from each of the five districts and possibly two from Center and Sheridan.

- Conservation District Supervisor - 18 years of age - 4 year term - Landowner in county and an active farmer with a minimum of five years' experience or a retired farmer who has had a minimum of five years' experience and must have the education, training and experience necessary to carry out the duties. - Filing fee $10

- Magistrate - High school education or its equivalent; no more than one magistrate in immediate family; no past felony conviction or any conviction for moral turpitude - 4 year term - Filing fee $575.00. There are new filing stipulations related to running against a specific magistrate.

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