UPDATE (1-6-2016)Cabot Recyling Station has been saved from impending closure, according to an announcement made Tuesday night in Grantsville by Delegate Roger Hanshaw and Senator Ken Leonhart.

Dominion Resources had canceled a 99-year-lease on the property and asked that the operation vacate the building this summer, indicating they were selling the property.

Del. Hanshaw, speaking to citizens at a community forum, advised the center's Executive Director Tom Degan that he had a positive announcement about the recycling program.

Hanshaw said he had spoken with Bob Orndorff, Senior Policy Advisor for Dominion Resources, earlier in the day and was told that Dominion planned to donate the building and property to Cabot Recycling.

Cabot Recycling is widely used by Calhoun and regional residents, and has been described as one of the most efficiently operated recycling operations.

"While we haven't received official word," Director Degan said, "this is really good news."

"This has been a real community effort with the Calhoun Commission passing a resolution to save the facility and several hundred people signing a petition," Degan said.

FUTURE OF CABOT RECYCLING STATION STILL UP IN AIR - Dominion Transmission Issued Eviction Notice, Community Pleading For Change Of Heart

By Bob Weaver

12/31/2015 - The future of the Cabot Recyling Station near Grantsville is still up in the air.

Dominion Transmission terminated a 99-year lease with the recycling station, advising the community service to vacate the premises by May 1, 2016.

The Calhoun County Solid Waste Authority, which operates Cabot Recycling Station, has countered by asking Dominion to donate the property or renew the long-term lease so they can continue providing recycling services to Calhoun and surrounding counties.

Apparently the deadline for a decision has been put off from December 31 to sometime in the first quarter of 2016.

Executive Director Tom Degen said, "It is heartwarming to know that so many in the community have stepped up to help with our request. The Calhoun County Commission has passed a resolution in support of us, the Hur Herald and the Calhoun Chronicle have done an excellent job of covering the story, Senator Jeff Kessler, Delegate Roger Hanshaw, and US representative Shelly Moore Capito have all contacted Dominion on our behalf."

"Most importantly, roughly 800 concerned citizens have signed a petition supporting Cabot Recycling Station," Degen said.

In November, representatives of Dominion came to Cabot Recycling Station to hear our case and Bob Orndorff, Senior Policy Advisor for Dominion Resources, said he would plead the center's case to his superiors.

"As the year comes to a close, the good news is that Dominion has not said they will not donate the property to us. The bad news is that Dominion has not said they will donate the property to us," said Degen.

"While we are waiting for a definite word, we here at Cabot Recycling Station are persistently optimistic that Dominion will donate the property to us, and we will continue to operate until we hear otherwise."

Petitions can be found at the library, the senior center, the Grantsville post office, the Arnoldsburg post office, the Chloe post office, Chloe Hardware, Speedy Mart, the bank (Grantsville and Arnoldsburg branches), Mom's Place Too, The Y Restaurant and at Cabot Recycling Station.

Online go to www.change.org, click on petitions, and search for Cabot Recycling Station and sign online petition.

Degen said it would be a good time for those who support Cabot Recycling Station to show up at a public meeting at the Calhoun Courthouse on Jan. 5 at 6 p.m., hosted by Delegate Roger Hanshaw and Senator Kent Leonhardt.

SEN. KESSLER SUPPORTS SAVING CALHOUN'S CABOT RECYCLING - "We Hope Company Will Have Change Of Heart," Says Degan (12/7/2015)

Dominion gas has canceled a 99-year-lease issued to to Cabot Recycling Center through the Calhoun Solid Waste Authority in 2002, asking the regional recycling center to leave the building, saying they are putting the old compressor station building on the market.

State senate minority leader Jeff Kessler, who is also a candidate for governor, has joined community efforts to save the operation, which serves Calhoun and several regional counties.

Sen. Kessler said, in pleading with Bob Orndorff, Managing Director of State and Local Government Affairs at Dominion, "I understand that the County Commission recently passed a resolution requesting that Dominion consider donating the facility to the county so that the wonderful work being done there may continue."

"As you know Calhoun County is a distressed area and the largess of Dominion would be extremely beneficial and would not go unrecognized," Kessler said.

Orndorff, company executives and Dominion employees recently toured the building with Cabot Recycling employees, Calhoun Solid Waste Authority members and community leaders.

The company has appraised the aging structure, which resides on the flood plain and has been the site of the world's largest carbon black producers and a longtime compressor station, at $380,000.

Cabot Recycling's appraisal was about $175,000, although the group does not have the funds to buy the building.

Cabot Recycling has spent about $100,000 renovating the building so it could be used for the service.

Hundreds of local and regional residents have signed a petition requesting Dominion to either renew the lease on donate the property to the center.

"We're hopeful the company, using its philanthropic division, will have a change of heart," said Executive Director Tom Degen.

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